• Dreams are bittersweet.
    Nitemares are overrated.
    I seek the soft, studded velvet above my empty eyes
    And note how its glory has faded.

    You disappoint me Reality.
    You burn me Sun.
    You cripple me Life.
    With Life, I have just begun.

    I am a follower of the nite.
    My friends seek blood
    And tranquil fright.

    I am a follower of the nite.
    I riot. I lie.
    I grow weak in the lite
    Unless it is the stud of a star.

    You are a follower of lite.
    And you, how I love.
    But you must leave with you white wings, and I with my black
    For I am a Raven, and you are a Dove.

    We have an equinox.
    But that equinox is death.
    Where nothing matters
    Besides breath or no breath.

    I am a follower of the nite,
    You of the lite.
    I died for love
    You died because my ally found
    You had another female around your finger
    And she did my bidding.
    And now we are death ringers.

    We now stand on an equinox together.
    But I'd much rather be apart, knowing you now:
    A Lust Follower.