• I Think I Know

    I think I know why my home has become grey
    I think I know why my happiness has faded away
    I think I know why I’m depressed
    I think I know why my heart has paused in my chest
    I think I know why this place feels cold and blue
    Baby, the reason is because I don’t have you

    Six o’clock strikes sunlight golden but no hope is ‘till nine
    My only lover isn’t here and so the Sun hardly shines
    But if tears were money I wouldn’t have to worry about cash
    Save your sorrow for another day, I’ll be out of here in a dash

    And it seems like everyone just talks about prices being too high
    No one wants to hear me out; because their heads are up in the sky
    Baby, I need you to get me out of here, could you take me for a drive?
    So I can leave the pain I felt back at home instead of bundling it up inside

    They were all too busy for conversation anyways, I was always left alone
    But now they kiss the ground I walk on, begging for me to come home
    Bribing me with gifts and lies, though I’m no fool to hypnotize
    My love, I won’t hesitate to look around and stare in your brown eyes

    I cherish you because you bring me the happiness I had lost
    And I can heal those scars on your heart if only you let me across
    Because when I am sick of feeling worthless you patch me up and hold me together
    My heart glows and pumps just for you in my own little world that you will hold forever.