• A Summer glade
    Mossy trees all around
    Shimmering piskies hover
    In the twilight.
    A scented breeze
    Dances through her hair
    Ruffles his hair
    Fiery red.
    Sweet electricity
    Flows through joint hands
    Sparkling blue and
    Dancing green meet.
    Rose petal lips
    Find his grin
    A kiss as gentle
    As a new spring.
    The Jester and his Princess.

    A Winter wood
    Dark branches mottled
    With ice
    In the dim morn.
    A freezing wind
    Seeps through her coat
    White as snow
    Not fazing him
    Dark as night.
    Burning fire
    Flows between them
    Summer blue and chips
    Of thawing ice meet.
    Rose petal lips sink
    Into his small smile
    A kiss as passionate as
    The morning meeting night.
    The Winter prince and his forbidden princess.