• pure. makes you think of happiness. a cleansed soul. flawless.
    unpure. the oposit...? u think of, sadness. depression. broken. flawed. helpless.
    if these are true, i am unpure. but, who desides i am as i have said? what if i tell you; I. AM. PURE. what if i said, those who are "happy", flawless, and have cleansed souls, are unpure? THEY are unpure because they have not realized that nobody is truely happy. nobody has a "cleansed soul" and nobody is flawless. WE ARE FLAWED. and WE ARE PURE.
    we have been mislead. i. i have been mislead. what if the "happy" ones are realy the flawed? they are blind to reality. when they say things like "you have perpus", "not everyone in the world is bad, theres good to", "your special in your own way" oh and my favorite; "god loves you" HAHA! god... the ones who see the world as this ******** perfect little world where theres happieness, and good, and fairy tale endings.... and a god... they are the flawed, blind, broken, UNPURE ones. know that when you feel sad, you are pure. when you feel depressed, you are pure. you are realizing what others arent. know that your not alone. and that the TRUE PURES are the quiet ones. the ones who you would imagine as the most unpure. because, as ive said, you have been mislead....