• Cool rain and hot tears
    Blended shame and fury.
    Expel it now from my eyes.
    Feigned ignorance,
    Decimates my mind.
    Repulsive by nature,
    And deceitful by heart.
    Imbalance consumes reason.
    I enter a thoughtless state.
    Violent tendencies come to light.
    Death awaits us on this night.
    I’ll gladly follow to see you suffer.
    Your pain is my redemption.
    Vengeance rules my actions and my heart.
    Don’t look away. Look at me.
    Into my eyes. See my loathing.
    Feel your betrayal. This will end with your burial.
    An unmarked grave. No one will visit.
    Your impact too severe.
    You’ve left your mark.
    The scars are deep.
    Let us forget, but not forgive.
    You can live with yourself.
    So I shan’t let you live.