• The merchant is here,
    selling his wares on the streets,
    giving a fair price.

    People come afar,
    to view his mystic pieces.
    Looking and chatter.

    His shelves hold clothing,
    Persian rugs and Chinese jade.
    Even crystal balls.

    But the favorite,
    a gold, jewel encrusted egg,
    from frozen monarchs.

    Interest came from all,
    but when someone asks a price,
    he simply replies:

    "This beautiful one,
    is not for sale, a gift
    for my only daughter."

    More people stopped by,
    and they still kept on asking.
    And he still replied:

    "This beautiful one,
    has no price, for it is a
    gift for my daughter."

    So he sold his wares,
    and packed up his caravan.
    Heading off for home.

    He arrived later,
    to a solitary grave,
    and what he said was:

    "This little one, is
    all, only for you, my one,
    my only daughter."