• Dandelion Kids

    We are small
    We are lesions
    We are found
    In every region
    Spring and Summer, Autumn season
    Winter alone immune to reason

    We are many
    We are all
    We can cause your nation’s fall
    We are pennies
    We are dolls
    You might walk by us whilst at the mall
    We are silver
    We are yellow
    We’re the ones you think are mellow
    Timid and weak, harmless fools
    Things to be used, common tools
    We toe the line, we follow rules
    They are not yours
    They are not yours.

    Dandelion children
    Dancing in the dark
    Singing of the coming days
    When our presence alone on the Earth stays
    We are many
    We are small
    We can cause your nation’s fall
    We are any
    We are all
    Our eyes are open
    Without your walls
    We are many.
    We are tall!
    We will PROSPER!

    …We are pennies.
    We are dolls.
    We are anyone
    That you might see.
    You are land
    And we are sea
    When you are nothing
    We will be free.
    And you might ask,
    Well, when is that?
    Is this future tailing me?
    We can wait.
    We shall see.
    It is late.
    But it will be.

    It started with a single seed
    But now a million fuzzy heads
    Shall patrol the offices
    And fill the stores
    Never failing
    No perfect scores
    Sometimes ailing
    Or holding doors
    We don’t pass out
    On cold hard floors
    We don’t rock the boat
    And no crowd roars.
    But we are any
    And we are all
    Watch your steps, now…
    …lest you fall.

    We are small
    We are lesions
    But no more are we a simple cut
    Now a cult; yes, now,
    A Legion.
    Kick us down, and in a hundred fold we'll return next season.