• Never Again My Friends

    There once was an age where all was innocent and new,
    The fire did not burn as yet leaving land untouched,
    Water stayed silent not a ripple shatter it’s mirror,
    These were days of ignorance, beauty and bliss,
    But never again my friends.

    All once existed in a veil of wonderment and beauty,
    The lightening seemed as if a mighty pen sketched in the air,
    We existed beyond reason and lived with everyday as a gift,
    The sun marking the dawn of all things to awaken,
    But never again my friends.

    As the age advanced so we became disheartened by nature’s beauty,
    Seeking shelter in reasoning and binding nature to our petty laws,
    With this denial that we controlled all we made walls to block out the beauty,
    Never again my friends will bliss and beauty look our way.

    Narrowing our vision once more we sought to harness forces beyond our control,
    This tinted our eyes so all things unbound came to look hostile,
    This is the curse of comprehension and understanding,
    We must unburden our eyes of rules so the beauty may once more shine through,
    Never again my friends must we exist in the shadows of ourselves.