• Upon a bed of feathers broken at the veins
    as if to drown the world in the crimson blood of molting angels.
    I lay here drunk and intoxicated by the memory of the feeling of our last kiss.
    Watching the rest of the outside world and its people
    rot themselves in their own sorrow filled corruption

    But the suffering of humanity can mean nothing to me now
    Not until I can fly out of this hole where feathers of molting angels fall and bleed
    for these broken feathers and bloody wings remind me of how
    I lost you and my dreams replacing them with nightmares as my wings were shorn off by angels
    By command of destinies fury

    So I will lay in wait upon a bed of feathers
    Breaking them at the veins until this inner world fills with the blood of molting angels.
    Waiting ever so non contently intoxicated by the thought of being with you my dear

    This hole is such a damned thorn in my side
    as so to prevent me from my dreaming of filling the world with the art of a prince
    A rotting prince whose memories make him regret his very breathing
    And thus he strikes at destiny herself

    I lay here and watch as destiny corrupts and creates a sorrow filled damnation
    That humanity and its outside world are too afraid to escape
    All the while letting the molted feathers of angels fall into my inner world this rotting hole
    so I can snap and break them at the veins
    Drowning my inner world until I rise and leave behind my burning nightmares
    And close the gap on my dream of being immortal
    Though the ink blood of my living legacy
    my beautiful art yet dieing with
    My dear sweet angel Rhiannon