• out of the darkness there comes a light.
    it comes to my veiw on these lonely night.
    theres thoughts of you so beautiful and sweet.
    unfortunatly your out of my reach.

    these feelings so strong you do not return.
    and it hurts so bad i cant even word.
    i feel a pure joy when i hear your voice.

    its like a harp thats playing all night
    i love the sound every word you speak.
    like angels wispering in my ear.

    unfortunatly you dont feel the same.
    every day i see you with him my soul grows darker and the light just dims.
    i love you so much theres nothing to do.
    i wouldnt dare mess with that for fear of hurting you.

    i just wish there was a way to express this to you.
    but these feelings arnt mutual keeping it inside is all there is to do.
    i love you girl more then you know.
    and that is why i must let you go...