• Vocabulary mastery is critical to achieve your dreams.
    Once attained you then can proclaim a new level of
    Intellect amongst the elite that tend to flee to sweet
    Relief. Conceive these thoughts that have brought you
    To reach perversity within this diverse university. But don't
    Allow your mind to be blinded by this world's words as
    They release deceit that will only bring you to defeat
    By promises of a sweet symphony that will remain a variable.

    Arial skies is where we will forever set our sights
    As the philosopher kings used to sing through their
    Logic, the intellect they did reach, and we have
    A greater capacity that will help us exceed
    Their wildest dreams that had been brought
    Upon the lone vessel that is known as the brain.

    Insane it sounds, but do not be spellbound by the
    Appearance as you may enjoy it to the point
    Where it destroys many of your fears as it
    Answers many of them in a way we can hardly
    Explain, but, that still makes sense to those bent
    Upon gaining the fill that your mind gets
    After an entire lifetime of eating books. Will
    This though brew new fears and ailments?
    Only time will tell whether this will bring
    Outer space to our every day.