• Dreams always makes me hungry
    for a life beyond my own
    A world where I am better
    Where I'm not picking at my bones

    Sometimes I wake up sweaty
    and scared beyond belief
    but yet I try to lay my head and
    close my eyes back to sleep

    In my dreams I'm never lonely
    though I always am alone
    sometimes I am the hero
    Sometimes I steal the throne

    Real life does not please me
    it's unclear and full of lies
    For every person newly met
    there is always two good-byes

    One is for the time you had
    For the past of joy or sorrow
    The second is for time that's lost
    for the nothing that would be tomorrow

    But in dreams we thrive, in dreams we see
    the beauty beyond the wall
    No one judges, all is fair
    nothing matters when we fall