• Do you ever miss me
    Do you ever regret
    For me you are the one thing
    i could never forget

    I wake up every morning
    Without you by my side
    I see your face in my dreams
    On my pillow every night

    I'm missing you so bad
    It's like a fire I can't put out
    I'm missing you so bad
    You're the one i can't go without

    And I'm thinking it's so sad
    That you don't even care at all
    About the things that we both had
    We had everything before the fall

    If i could just fix this
    It wouldn't be the same
    Things would be much better
    I promise i would change

    But I know you have too much pride
    You would never hear me out
    So I'll just keep on singing
    Untill you come around

    Just give me a chance
    What have you got to lose
    I'll put a smile on your face
    Just like i used to do

    I don't know about you
    They were the best years of my life
    And if you don't feel the same
    Then I'll no longer try