• Facebook asking me to write something
    Asking God to leak inspiration from my veins
    Open the floodgates of Heaven and pour out my pain
    It pains me, that I am not living to my full potential
    Twitter telling me to tweet but the birds don’t chirp in darkness
    The dark past haunts day after day while night skies cloud tomorrow
    Tomorrow becomes yesterday because today never forget the past
    Never embraced the present and never walked into the future
    Instagram revealing the thousand words in each picture
    Every lie
    Every truth
    Every game
    Every moment that could break a heart and give a heart a break
    It breaks the silence and then you realize
    The social media mediated and meditated on what you would tell it today
    You confessed to the world what you didn’t confess to the one who created the world
    And the creator of the world waited with a pen and a piece of paper for you to ink rhymes
    But rhyme never caught time because it never matched the attached sentence in time
    And every day, all you see is broken traffic lights as you ask yourself
    Where am I going?
    But the pathway is never clear, until you see someone who has gone through it
    Some who got a perfect score on the Impossible Game, lost a life but respawned without a checkpoint
    Check and mate, point noted that the noteworthy character of the story died with three nails
    Three nails that made you too precious to give up
    And while you like, share and follow the world
    The world is a lost, cracked sphere
    Under the influenced, corrupted “what if’s” on a society with no direction
    The followers followed a leader who led the followers with leaders to follow nothing
    Nothing last forever, or so the leader said
    But the fairytale that was never told, told you that there was an everlasting end
    Lasting forever with a never end
    Heaven or Hell
    And Instagram can’t give you the thousands of words to pour into a notebook
    Twitter can’t tweet 140 characters that could ever chirp a confession
    Facebook can’t possibly like you, critique you or share you
    Nothing connecting you, without God’s relationship with you
    Pour out the veins and turn off the faucet of my heart
    Time is running out