• Please don't worry about me
    Just erase every memory
    Everything going to be the same
    Smlie like everything ok
    Let me stare you again
    And draw your face into my head

    I was so selfish for not letting you go
    My obsession that stole your happiness
    I shouldn't got this close
    Now I'll never forget these laughs and love we used to hold
    No more of this warmth crawl under our skin when it gets cold
    No more of these love dreams to be told
    Just a large matress for me alone to roam

    I tried my best to fight for you
    I had no money
    No looks
    But my words of emotion I always write in these books
    I cry my eyes out
    Cut my hair
    Write your name everything I had to make everything work
    But now I am replaced
    Have no energy left to run in this race
    Knock down as always to second place

    Now I know you're happy
    Someone to give you everything
    Someone to hand you a dollar
    Someone to lean on when life gets harder
    And a true man that'll be there, to hold son and daughter
    As long your happy I can be at peace
    I know I have nothing left for me
    Nothing for second place
    At least for my final word
    I can only say
    I'm sorry