You walked by this house all simple and stout, and you thought it quite odd to be there, so you

    turned back around and what flashed by your face? A man, with blood red eyes wearing a hat

    and a cloak, a wizard? No! Not that kind at all, and he was rather tall as he dashed all about, he

    stopped, dead in front of you, as the wind whistled a tune, an unfamiliar tune. You drew closer,

    closer, CLOSER , until you could finally tell that he was no more or no less a simple man, but as

    he spoke his words, they tingled your spine, and they made you want to run, so you did you had

    had enough you ran, and the man so did he! After you! After you! The red eyes, they appeared to

    be real. You stopped, out of breath? No! Gasping for air! What was this? You couldn’t breathe

    and the man he devoured you, he devoured you whole, and there was the last of me. Now every

    time you walk by that house you hear an unfamiliar tune, and what was that!?You could have

    sworn you saw a man, red eyes, and a hat.