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    I find it sad that I see no new writings being posted.

    I've spent my time reading, but for someone like me, my words don't matter.

    More writers would be fun and interesting to see and read what others imagine.

    Reading one's work through their own words is fun in a sense that you're in their world and see what they see.

    Although I have posted a few works of my own, my work only seems lonely at best and are need of new faces.

    A tip for those who don't know what they should write, write from what you feel, what your see, what you can imagine, and what you can express.

    It doesn't have to be perfect, but, it should be interesting to read.

    It doesn't have to be witty, but, it should ring in the readers to read further more.

    It doesn't have to be to be what your thinking or feeling, but, you can take us through your own character's experience.

    My work talks about the interesting, yet not so interesting, tale of a character I had created, he's not like us, but, he looks like us and speak like us.

    But, the one thing I'm tailing is that he's the last of his kind, the last of his kin, the last of his people.

    And that is interesting to me, but, hopefully you might create a species of your own.