• Lights and shadows are one in the same.
    One whom controls the light, can control the shadows.
    One whom controls the shadows, can control the light.
    Though complete opposites, they work as one.
    Neither more powerful, or more important than the other.
    There is perfect balance between the two.
    One may call himself a warrior of light,
    or a knight of the shadows,
    but in reality, they are both the same.
    When you hold a torch in a cave,
    are you projecting the lights forward,
    or pushing the shadows back.
    You can never know which element you control.
    It is all in belief.
    For the simple fact that man can believe differently than one another,
    can divide humanity.
    Two factions,
    those of the light, and those of the shadows,
    are exactly the same, except their beliefs,
    which drive them apart.