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Stuff from my heeead..
Here's where I'll be taking things that come into my head and putting them in words on this here site for people to see.
More about my friends (but a bit more positive this time) =]
Ok, in one of my previous journals, I was talking about how my best friend moved away and I wasn't sure about my new friend because she's not the same. Well, I started to think.. and maybe that's why I like this "new friend" so much, too. I mean, they both bring out different sides of me. I couldn't just set them next to eachother and say who I like best. And it's totally unfair to say I can't have a variety of friends because that's what makes each one so special to me.

One of them can let me be a total goof, and the great thing is, I'm completely comfortable with it! (Which, usually I wouldn't be.) She's always been able to keep my in a good mood and when I'm not, she'll make stupid faces or something until I smile. haha =] I know for a fact that she would never judge me and she would always be there when I need her (even if it's not literally). I miss her SOOOOOO much, I think about her all the time. ='[

The other just.. I'm not sure, it's hard to explain. She inspires me. She makes me want to be different. She is so creative and just.. I don't know, but I love it! I love being around her and I look up to her so much. I know she's not perfect, haha, she can be a spaz sometimes, too, but I can't help but think she's just so great. Whenever I'm around her I just want to be all smiley. She can make me feel so comfortable yet so intimidated at the same time. And I can't explain why... =/

They both make me so happy and I don't know how I could possibly try to choose between them (and I'm so glad I'll never have to). I love them both and sometimes for very different but then, for all of the same reasons.. if that made sense. I kinda feel like I could continue blathering away all night with what's on my mind but I'll either repeat myself (alot) or stop making any sense whatsoever.

In my other entry, I think I was just feeling very negative about myself and the people around me, so this was just my positive point of view. X]

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