i saw that sight
i fell for it
it might of brong me light
but it didn't last,even for one night
it turned to night
seeking through some doors
killing more and more
it didn't stop intil i came to its way
it tore me away that day
i standing there in fear
my mind was made clear
that it was not right
or bright even for a single night
it feeds off your engery
intil it makes you fall
begging for mercy
it has no mercy
it kills you in one swipe
that night it did that to me
it left with smoke
and didn't give no hope
it left me without a care
that i was even there
it came and came
and killed some more
ever single day
more and more died from it
it got into a child's room...
it didn't do anything
it just looked and turned away
it gave way and blasted
into a million pieces
it restored so many
it gave my life back
i stand there today
wondering when it will come back
the wind blew my hair
as i waited
it never came
not a soul lost in wonder