PART 46:The alone time
(two years later)"Ajax,were you telling the whole truth?"jinx asked "yes i was why would i lie to somebody i love dearly...ouch hunger pains"Ajax said "did you taste blood yet?"jinx said "nope..what are you thinking??!!!"Ajax said alittle started "here bite me,i don't care,i bit you anyway away,its like returning the bite"jinx said and then showed here neck "uh no"Ajax said "uh yes" jinx said *they kept fighting over it intil*"ugh...ok as ong as it shuts you up!"Ajax said and bit her neck for about two minutes "ugh..i didn't know boy demos can get more blood....get off!"jinx said and pushed him away "i got to admit blood taste good,you want to have dinner later on?"Ajax said and then licked the blood off his lips "yeah i would like that"jinx said happly (two hours later) *they have two geust....Ajax's father Ares, and Ajax's sister Amirea* "hahaha i can tell you two make a good couple!"Ares said "umm we are not a couple yet,dad..."Ajax said "oh little brother don't bother i know you and jinx have a secert life together! and jinx by the way your face looks,ys all our family starts with a A!!"Amirea said and then laughed "i was not thinking that but ok,i am going to my room,its nice meeting you two"jinx said and left without another word "and where is her family?"Ares asked "...i don't know,her mother killed her father who name was whai,and she killed her mother,atleast she thinks she did,and then the rest of her family was scattered after some fire,it is pretty mixed up in her life..."Ajax said "oh,i am sorry to hear that of her"Ares and Amirea said (after dinner Ajax went to jinx room) "hey,you ok?"Ajax asked " still have family,i don't know where mine is hard to see where you really came from"jinx said "did tell you half of my family i don't know are dead,and my mother is dead too,plus my big brother,come on you can sleep in my room tonight"Ajax said "yeah thanks"jinx said (at 12:00,jnx couldn't sleep and Ajax couldn't either) ".....jax? asleep?"jinx asked "nope wide awake and restless"Ajax said "Ajax...i want to be with you...but i don't know if you do to.."jinx started and then stoped "why would you say that??you know i love you very much!! i could even die for you,even if you died first,i will kill myself,and i will commit to that!"Ajax said and french kissed jinx "uuh why am i feeling hot.."jinx said in her mind "wtf why i am feeling hot"Ajax thought "cause! hormons!!!"Ajax mind and jinx mind said *they minds pull a switch* (5 hours later,ok,you know what they did! so don't ask me a ******** qeustion!!!)"that was great.."jinx said and leaned on Ajax chest "yeah it was..we need to go to sleep,good night my love"Ajax said "good night.."jinx said and they both fell asleep heart