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my thinkings of life and sometime poems in my big head and a chinese story that has gone dead..
PART 45:the mask party and a crowning
"jinx we are invited to a party"Ajax said "where,when,why?"jinx asked "at the palace owned by a friend,today,thats why!"Ajax explained "only kings i know are shade,and varren...i hope it is not varren"jinx thought(5 hours later,jinx and Ajax have to do a special dance)*Ajax has to pick up jinx and spin her 5 times and drop her,then she goes spinning away,and he has to catch her sevaral times,when it ends they bow to each other*"now for the crowning by king varren and queen sabrina!!!"a sevant yelled "no!!!Ajax we are going now!!!"jinx screamed and grabs Ajax hand and ran for the door "HAULT!!!you can't leave yet ..."a masked man said "how do you know my name?"jinx asked madly "you know me,king varren at your sevice,i am sorry for the bite..."varren said and took off his mask and grinned with his sharp demon teeth "oh hi varren,i hope you know cause of you i bit Ajax!"jinx said madly "and where is he?"varren asked "i am right here...you stole my sabrina..."Ajax said qeiutly "ok time for crowning!...oh..Ajax.."sabrina said loudly but then sadly "sabrina..."Ajax said sadly *Ajax kneels to sabrina and jinx bows to varren near the throne*"i grant jinx the royal rank of princess intil she marries!"varren said proudly and placed a silver crown on her head. "Ajax i just wanted to say..even thou we are not together..we will be when we die"sabrina whispered " i grant Ajax the royal rank of prince!!til he marries!!!"sabrina said loudly "Ajax i know you love jinx so take care of her for me ok"varren said to Ajax "how did you...nevermine..i will take care of her"Ajax said (two hours later,Ajax and jinx and walking home in the snow)"i wish i brong a coat...oh wait a sec"jinx said and snapped her fingers *a little flame is on the tip of her finger*"OK!!don't put that finger on me!! my hair may be red as fire but it is not fire proof!! now ice that up!!"Ajax said and breathed in the cold air and blows the fire into a crystal "WOAH!!!" a little boy says "ROZU!! come back here!!"varren yelled "you are varren son?,here you can have the crystal rozu.."jinx says and give rozu the crystal "oh!!oooo!!!!"rozu says and patters to varren and keeps saying "jinxy!jinxy!gave me cysta!!"tozu said over and over agin "yeah come on..and Ajax remember!!!"varren yelled and ran inside with rozu "remember what?"jinx said conefused "how can i put this..he said protect you and..."Ajax started "AND??"jinx asked "and he said love you forever..and i promise that...and i will till the day i die.."

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Thu Sep 18, 2008 @ 03:25am

Haha! JInx is my name! This is interesting, where is the rest of it?

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