PART 48:The surprise pt2
"what?! how?! oh my-" Ajax fail out from stress,he woke up in his bed..
"must of been a dream.....>.<...good thing thou,i swear it seemed real"Ajax told himself,and went to the training field by the moutains,jinx was waiting for him by a big rock "hey silly!"Jinx giggled "hey jinx! where's Ares?"
"he went to get some dissappearing powder"
",he does it the old way?"
"no,he does it for water elements,like you,i have no problem dissappearing,and i thought yu were going to ask me a qeustion last monday?"jinx said confused
"i was... sweatdrop you still want to here that qeustion?"Ajax asked,he was scared to the bone to ask her to marry him,but before she could answer his qeustion,Ares came back with alot of powder
"good morning Ajax! and jinx,so shall we start? and Ajax straighten your face boy!"Ares comanded "hahhahahaha!!"jinx laughed,they started training,and when they were was night time,Jinx and Ajax were alone..finaly
"look at the moon,isn't it beuatiful?"Jinx said breathlessly
"yeah...beautiful as you"Ajax said quietly
"huh? what you say?"
"nothing!..uuh nothing!...jinx can i ask you something?"
" what"
"... will you *gulp*...marry me?"
TO BE CONTINUED!!!!! twisted