i keep my head down
low and steady
and still not ready
to face the thing
i fear the most
people cheering
people veering
is not going to make me get my head up
not even a love can do it
so i will get to it
i keep it low and slow
never missing a beat
of my broken heart
witch is incomplete
one peice is missing
no one can rest that peice of pain
it aches,it breaks
it struggles to beat
it is almost done
as i said i keep it low and slow
never missing a beat
of my heart
is still incomplete
what a defeat
i am worthless
i know i am
i can't even break the chain
in witch i am in
i need somebody to free me
so i can actly be me!
i need somebody to complete me!!
to make me laugh!
to make my smile!
will it take a while??
somebody who will enjoy my presents
i can't forget it
as i said
i will keep it slow and low
never missing a beat
intil a person stabs me in the heart
it stops and takes its last beat
never to be complete
i have lost my beat
i am now alsleep
never to wake
i have lost the beat
it was low and slow
but now never will be complete
i have lost the beat...lost it
never complete