Well, I haven't written in a while so I thought because I'm bored I'd write today. Not much has really happened. -.- School still sucks, and yet it's awesome come lunch time. But I went to an improv meeting today and it was actually really cool. I'm not any good at it but I'll try out anyways. I'm kind of afraid to try out, I don't know what they'll ask of me but I'll try my best. That's all I can ask from myself.

I'm so tired. And along with auditions tomorrow, I have a math test. Oh joy. My teacher keeps going on about how hard it is and so I'm really not looking forward to it considering I have to get a good grade or I can kiss my A good bye.

So I'm really looking forward to halloween. It should be fun, I'm dressing up for school and then probably going to see a movie with my friends and stay out late. HELL YEAH! So yeah.

I'm so sad that none of my friends are online! >< I mean you would think on all the sites I'm signed up on there would be at least one friend I could talk to! Well, oh well. I guess I'll update my fic and read until someone comes on.