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My Adventure Log
A journal of my adventures and events that happen as I travel with the princess and my rescue team. Will update as my story progresses.
Wind and Sound

Oto tatezu ni iro kaeteku
BEBII-BURUU no sora wo mitsumetetara
Tooi kioku yomigaeru

Nee nanatsu no umi no mukou
Hora dareka ga naiteiru ki ga shite
Mune ga "KYUN" to setsunaku naru yo

Watashi wo tasukete...
Nanika ga shiraseru destiny
Hoshi no michibiki wo mune ni dakishimete

Sore wa EVER-BLUE kagayaku daisuki na ano umi yo
Mirai wo mamoru chikara wo ima atsumete
Aisubeki hito ga ite aisubeki basho ga aru
Kirameku aosa pyua na kimochi no mama de mamorutame ni

I woke up to my favorite song. It was morning in Alaska, we were at a hot spring in an ice cave, and Aoi was singing again. She must have pulled me underwater because her white hair wasn't hanging like it normally did. Her voice sounded so cute, but then I began falling under its spell again. She stopped when my body began to hug her affectionately. What was weirder was that it doesn't affect me while in my Night (Werewolf) Form.

Back in control, I began to look for a way out. (The cave entrance collapsed when we entered) Light shone it from a few holes in the ceiling, lighting up the icy walls. Aoi thought it was so pretty, the way the ice sparkled in the light. Lately,when she saw anything that she thought was beautiful, pretty, or lovely, she began to sing again. I made sure to bring my new iPod Nano and a pair of earphones so I didn't go all hypnotized. I put lyric-less game music on it so I could still listen to her and not blank out.

Finally managed to get out, but we were near the top of a mountain. Major shocker there. Then, we're dodging laser shots from Taiga's bots. Those things have very lousy aim, but that I noticed that snow was starting to fall from behind. It started to crack and began tumbling after up. Those metal morons had started an avalanche!

No time to lose! We had to make a break for it! I grabbed Aoi's arm and began running down the mountain. I couldn't outrun it for long, then I noticed a few snowboards sticking out. One had a tornado on it, and the other was checkered green and white. We grabbed them and began to shred down the mountain slope.

There was a huge jump ahead. Had no choice but to use it. We flew so far that we were right above a cabin with a few ski slopes, but we were about 50 feet right above it. I somehow managed to slow our fall, again. I thrust my arm downwards and a blast of wind and we slowly descended and landed at the cabin safely. (Things have been real action-packed since Aoi joined me)

Inside, we were relaxing in the main foyer of the cabin when I noticed the news was on. The reporter said something about a strange being showing up near some place called Sunset Town. It was a continent away from where we currently are.

After resting up, and getting some more supplies for the road, we took off for Sunset Town. I had a feeling Mel was there too. I wanted to hurry and find her soon because...... I actually love her now. Princess Sparkle was special to me, but I wasn't sure if I truly loved her, but I was sure about Mel with my feelings. This allowed me to push past my limits and continue the search. We checked everywhere else, so Sunset Town would be our last stop.

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Moonlight Mermaid
Community Member

Sun Mar 29, 2009 @ 05:48am

damn right I'll be there...under lelouch's orders of course....him sending me to kill you...but just remember I'm not being controlled...it's just that I want to ...sha'll we say "please" lelouch... sweatdrop

yeah checked everywhere but darkness anyways...you know shadows and stuff..heh...

srs diva 2011 xxl
Community Member

Sun Mar 29, 2009 @ 05:29pm

And I assume you meet up with me there. Maybe Aoi can be singing my favorite song, "If I Never Knew You", and I hear her as I'm walking on the marketplace near the docks. I'm there because I'm looking for the Spartan Cloak. We meet up, you tell me about Aoi, and then ask me where Melissa is. I look at you all confused since I've forgotten her in my mind. I know in my heart though that Melissa is a friend, so I agree to help you search for her.

User Comments: [2]
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