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My Adventure Log
A journal of my adventures and events that happen as I travel with the princess and my rescue team. Will update as my story progresses.
Darkness vs Darkness Part 1: Defy the Power of Geass

When Aoi woke up and saw the sword thrust into the floor near her, she almost thought I was dead. I left her a note saying I was going to remain a werewolf and that the sword was hers now. It also said that I will be dormant during the day, sleeping in a crystal made from my dark aura.

When night came, the crystal shattered and I walked out. Aoi was wide awake and came with me. I could still sense Aura, so if Mel or that traitor was near, I would know. Aoi wondered why I decided for her to wield the Ocean Omega Sword. More of Ursula's beasts came and without a weapon, Aoi couldn't fight back. That was a pretty good reason, if you ask me.

Looks like she got more than I thought from that kiss, because she could slash at those beasts just as skillfully as I could. Just as we took care of them, I felt 'his' Aura. I saw Lelouch appear from the shadows, with his half-mask on and a crimson cape. My claws glowed black at the very sight of him.
"So this is what you've decided to become, a beast of the night. You really think your darkness can match my shadow abilities?"

"Mat, can we really take him at this point?" Aoi asked. My body kept telling me to beat this guy down, but my will made sure to keep myself in contol. Lelouch then pulled off his mask and a red light appeared in his left eye. "Hmph, you're not worth my time. As for your little friend..."

Aoi was in direct eye contact when his eye shot a light at her. I ran in front and the light hit me. "What.... what is this power?!" I said.

"That is the controlling power of Geass. Once mine and my target's eyes meet, that person becomes mine. Your little stunt won't save you. I, Lelouch Phoenix Legrange, order you! Kill your friend and then yourself!"

Aoi was scared of what he said and ran off. My mind was fighting the power of his Geass, and was losing. I felt weird visions of hatred rush through my head. I couldn't break the eye contact. Then, my fur began to turn back. It was a full moon. Back as the Dark Aura Werewolf, I broke off from his Geass.

"Impossible!" Lelouch said. "No one can resist the power of the Geass! Just.... just what are you?!"

"I am the darkness that sides with the light of justice! The cursed sword that cuts through the forces of evil! I am Mat, the Dark Aura Werewolf!!!"

"So that's the way you want, is it?! Fine then, I'll kill you myself, and everything that threatens me and my love! Come at me!"

Lelouch pulled out a blade from his shadow and charged at me. I bared my claws and did the same. He swung at me, and I used my claws to deflect it. They could not be cut because of Dark Aura. He swung again, and right when I deflected it again, I spin-kicked him and he smashed into a tree. But when he got up, he let out a huge sonic boom that so powerful, it sent me flying right through ten trees. TEN TREES!

"What in the hell was that?! So much power!" I said, getting back on my feet. Aoi came out from hiding and joined the battle.

"Just because your friend has joined doesn't mean you stand a chance against me! Fear my Sonic Wrath!"

Lelouch let out another blast of sound. Aoi quickly sang a note and held it long enough to stop his Sonic Wrath. (That's what I'm calling that move of his.) He paused for a second, then swung his sword again and it actually connected this time. Small drops of blood fell from the wound as I staggered back. Aoi tried to stop his next attack, but he grabbed her neck and threw her aside and began to slash at me.

"I will eliminate all who stand between me and my Angel of Music!" he yelled as he finished his attack with a hard punch to my chest, making me cough up more blood. Then, he pointed his blade at me and raised it up. "Enjoy death, beast!"

"NOOOOOO!" Aoi yelled as she recovered and ran at Lelouch. She stopped his sword and allowed me to get an attack in. I let out my Aura Whip and wrapped it around him. Aoi grabbed my wrist and we swung him around and slammed him against the ground.

"It's over, Lelouch. You've lost," I said, looking down at him.

"Not yet. Tonight, the battle is yours, but next time, I will not hold back. You will both perish under the Power of the Phantom," he said, putting on his mask and disappearing into the shadows. Clouds covered the full moon and I reverted back to my normal werewolf form.

"He has to be stopped," I said. "If I'm right, Lelouch will stop at nothing to kill anything or anyone he deems to be a threat, regardless of if his target is innocent or not."

"Well, we stopped him for now. That gives us time to plan a strategy for when he comes back."

"You're right, Aoi. We need a plan of attack for next time, and for getting Melissa to realize his intentions. Let's go back and get some rest. We need to recover from this battle."

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Moonlight Mermaid
Community Member

Wed Apr 08, 2009 @ 11:52am

*falls over* gonk you desived his geas....HOW?!

heh....and still you have another incounter with me (from my last view chapter from my view) still to come. I'll have to put up a chapter where you try to convince me lelouch's of intetions....repeated times....

aggghh....why didn't you discribe how he looked without the mask on that half of his face.... crying it's the reason he hides his face besides his geass.....maybe I should explain geass to you in one chapter

User Comments: [1]
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