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My Adventure Log
A journal of my adventures and events that happen as I travel with the princess and my rescue team. Will update as my story progresses.
Love and War

It's been real slow since the raid..... just what I wanted. I really did need a break. Too bad my iPod couldn't have one. I had been using it to keep Mel's insults and other negativity out. But lately, she's begun to smile. I could see it through her aura. And....... I think my feelings have been real screwy lately. I wonder........ Oh screw it, I loved her and wanted to make sure she could live a life where she could have friends who would like her and someone just for her. I could give her that, but then I remembered that I live a pretty dangerous life.

One day, I was talking with those eels. They seemed to be different now, kinda like they had been purified, which gave me hope. They told me of what's been going on while me and Aoi were gone. Speaking of which, I found a note this morning saying that she had left for her island on a personal matter. I wanted to pursue, but in the note, she put that she'd bury me if I followed. I could tell she was serious. I just wish that girl wouldn't be so reckless. She's a Brigade member now, and I like to keep my fellow teammates alive. But what she also left was the Dark Orb. Why, though, is what I would like to know.

Me and Mel were with each other a lot lately. Well, I did love her, so she was what kept me happy inside. Her attempts to hide her feelings weren't working since I can tell through Aura. First off, I took her to a field and there was a mischievious bunny that played with us, which I really wish didn't force me to take part of my tunic off. then we got stuck in a building and I learned about a scary secret of hers. It was a bit disturbing. But what really set things off was a little midnite star-gazing with a telescope that some weird guy came me. Under the starlit night sky, everything felt perfect, except for the cold. I gave her the blue Heartbreaker Jacket I wore over my tunic so she'd be warm, and then Mel went in. Closer...... closer..... and we slowly kissed. It felt so wonderful. I didn't want this moment to end. Sadly, it was getting colder, so we had to head back.

The next morning, Ana wanted to check up on Mel, but I tried to convince her not to. She wasn't exactly fond of her since that little kiss attack. Too bad I was a little late saying, because we had walked in, and I didn't noticed. I did when I saw a clock bing on Jetsam's head. He did say something wrong, so I didn't feel sorry. After a little check-up by Nurse Ana (Sorry, had to say it), it was just a fever. Nothing too serious. "I'll get you some breakfast if your hungry." I said, walking out. I hadn't made a breakfast ever since some moron in one of my Home Ec classes decided to act like some kind of dictator and boss me around. He should have known that I don't take orders from anyone. I go the way I want to go.

Ahhhh, good ol' scrambled eggs and bacon. Needed help with the bacon because it spits molten-hot grease. I felt the ground shake and the wind whip up a little. Sounds like Ana was screwing around with the ill mermaid again. Although the earth shaking..... I don't think she could do that.

Aside from that, I went and shooed Ana out, then gave Melissa her meal and drink. She didn't really eat much because of that fever. I felt her head and jerked my hand away immediately. "Jeez! Your burning up!" I said in surprise. I went and looked out at the ocean, blowing at my hand to cool it off. I wish Aoi hadn't really needed to leave. The more people around to help out, the better. I went back and looked at her again. Couldn't really resist.
"Can I help you?" she said.

"You look cute when your sleeping."

"Uh thanks...I think."

The next morning, Melissa was feeling healthy again. I felt a little jealous, since I can't heal that fast. "Sleep well?" I asked her.

"Like a baby. So what are we doing today?"

"Don't know."

"Maybe a little walk along the beach wouldn't be so bad."

I had got this vision with her and me holding hands along the shoreline. It gave me a warm feeling. With it being around the winter months, which I can't believe it had been so long, I'm glad I got this feeling. I cleaned up while Mel went to get changed. She was dressed in a simple blouse, a skirt, and blue knee high boots when she came down the stairs. I held out my hand to her, but instead, she glomped me. Surprised me, it did. Then I hugged back, us sharing warmth. "Ready to go?" I asked, then noticed her hair had changed back to pink and her eye color went brown. Had I done it?

It was pretty warm out for an autumn day. I still kept my jacket on. Aside from preserving warmth, it helps absorb some damage I take. I kept my sword with me in case of an ambush. That moment with the earth shaking made me a little uneasy. "Oh, the dolphins are out playing," I said, noticed the playful animals jumping around.

"Do they know you?"

"Duh! I always played with the dolphins when I was still at home."

"But won't they go tell your dad where you are?"

One of them went and squirted me with salty seawater. I then began to develop an urge to scare someone.

"He said 'No', and he's right. They're not going to tell. Cause they know I'm really angry with my father. Besides they know what it was like for me back home. So they know that maybe I want to go home sometiems. But they also know I won't because of my father."

The mischievous dolphin made up for the squirt by letting me pet it. The other one visited Mel because she missed her, but then they both left in a hurry. We heard someone roar so loud that the ground shook again, worse than before. I knew that voice, but I couldn't remember who it belonged to.

"What's going on?" Melissa asked me. I got her behind me. I saw a figure in a black cloak. Short, brown hair, darkness in his eyes, and held a giant rock hammer. "Brocko!"

"When'd you get a girlfriend?"

"Leave her out of this!" I demanded. I didn't want to put Mel in danger, especially because of this guy. Brocko is a ruthless enemy who commands the very earth around him and I was his main target. I faced off against him once, but he defeated me with one swing of his hammer. I was lucky to have been spared that time.

"Mat, what's going on? Who is this guy?"

"No time for questions." I told her. I had the Ocean Omega Sword out, but I wasn't sure if I could land a hit this time. Last time, it was a lot like when I was in the World of the Shrouded: He could hit me, but my attacks went right through him.

Brocko began to move his hands. I knew he was going to start a brawl, so I grabbed Melissa and hightailed it. I wanted no one innocent around so I wouldn't need to hold back.

"Mat, what's going on?!" Melissa asked me.

"He's an Earthbender! I need to get you away from here so he can't harm you!" I told her. I remembered back on Tidus that sometimes, when you face an elemental opponent, you have to have the same element or a way the uses the element. I rushed her back to Ana's place, dodging the pillars and other forms from the earth that Brocko created and sped back to finish him. And this is one opponent I intend...... to kill. Our battles are meant to be to the death, because Brocko won't stop until he claims my head.

"Alright, Brocko! I'm gonna make sure you never mess with me or anyone ever again!"

"I'm going to enjoy burying you into the cold, dead ground, boy!"

Brocko began with an assault of jagged rocks aimed at me. I spin-slashed them and went in for an attack, but he made a wall rise up from the sand to stop my attack. I back-kicked it once and it broke into pieces and a dust cloud. The cloud allowed Brocko a surprise attack as he threw a hard punch and slammed me into a cliff nearby. I managed to recover and dodge just as he tried to smash me with his hammer.

"Stand still so I can finish this!" he yelled.

"Are you nuts?! You should know I don't swing that way!"

I ran quite a bit away from him and gathered Aura power into my legs. Once charged, I went full speed straight at him and kicked him so hard that a normal person would have no rib cage left. He only slid a few feet backward. I actually got a hit in.

"Why you little--"

Brocko slammed his foot down on the ground and a boulder flew upwards. He then kicked it at me. I used my Aura to strengthen my arms and I punched that boulder so hard it shattered. A good thing about that power is that my arms become hard as steel and can't get scratched by anything, but it doesn't last forever. He was getting serious now, because I couldn't even get near him with my speed. I was practically a moving bull's-eye target.

Just as I was ready to go in, I heard something that took away both mine and Brocko's attention. For a second, I thought I saw Sailor Mercury, then I remembered. It was Mel. She had transformed again. She launched an attack and mist sprayed all over the area. This was perfect timing, because I could activate my Aura Sight and spot him through anything. Once I got him in my sights, I leapt upwards for my Meteor Spin Slash. I blazed downwards, straight above him, ready to deal the last blow, but he caught on to my scheme and threw me to the ground. The shroud of mist from Melissa's ability faded away as well.

"Now to take care of your speed...." he said, getting his rock hammer out and stomping on my leg, keeping me from getting away. My wind powers would be useless because they wouldn't even budge him. He used full force and brought that hammer down on my foot. I let out a loud, painful yell as my entire leg felt like I had been attacked there from 10,000 steel bullets all at once. I then realized he just shattered the bones in my legs. He found it...... my weakness..... the one fatal flaw I had. If I can't use my speed, I'm good as dead.

I saw Melissa run from the cliff. At first, I thought she had lost it and left me to die, then I heard an engine roar as I saw her ride a motorbike right off that cliff and she slammed it right into Brocko, stunning him and knocking away his hammer, causing it to break into normal rocks. I was both amazed and concerned. Just how could she pull off those moves?!

With this break in the action, Melissa actually managed to save me this time. If I ever get her back into the world of light, she's so getting a spot in the Tidus Brigade. But first, we had to get away so I could heal. She reached out and tried to pull me up and onto the bike. I used a quick wind burst at the ground when she began to tire out. (Sorry, but time was precious) I wasn't exactly keen with riding on a motorbike, but it better than getting done in anyday.

This mermaid was crazy when it came to speeding with a motorbike. I was hanging on tight because I don't want to fall off and end up in a hospital. Believe me, I don't think the nurses would want a werewolf in a hospital bed. Enough people have seen me already. I heard something and looked back. Brocko was gaining on us. How the hell did he get so fast?! He slammed his fist downward and a ramp rose up ahead of us. Mel cleared it easily, but this amount of movement wasn't helping with me holding on. I was scared, which is rare for me. Heck, I'm the Warrior of Courage! How come the one who symbolizes the most powerful kind of magic of all, courage, be scared of this....... oh right, broken leg.

Brocko went all-out by raising spikes up ahead and two hands to grab us. Now I was worried. But Mel..... she hadn't even broken a sweat. Had no choice. Had to trust my life to her. There was a tarp ahead as well as the trap. Melissa planned that just before we go airborne, I use my other leg to jump off and onto the tarp. I followed through with the plan and leapt off the bike, using a downward blast of wind to slow my descent. I could only watch as she then destroyed the hands and then sped right at Brocko. "Melissa, don't!" I yelled to her. "He'll kill you!"

She didn't listen and went at him full speed. Just before she was about to ram him, he burst himself into black coal and it shattered. I knew that was his escape ability. I used the same wind move as before to float down onto her bike, which looked a little beat up. We rode back to Ana's place, and thank god it was a slow ride this time. (about 40-70 km/h is slow to me) I just wanted my leg back so bad.

Being able to relax while the lovely Nurse Melissa tended to my leg's shattered bones. I didn't think she had healing magic since going dark. But at least she mended the bones so I could move again, although I'd feel a great deal of pain if I tried for at least a few hours or so, until I get my Magic Power back up, then I could use Farore's Wind to restore myself. (I gained the Goddess of Courage's power when I helped her out in Termina. I can use it to whip up wind currents, heal myself, and even create tornadoes).

"Now, you're not going to be out of business for a while. That magic I used healed the worst of the injury. You've really just got to let your leg rest for now, and that doesn't mean run off with your sword or something."

Believe me, I needed the rest and time off. To show some major thanks, I hugged her gently just as she got up. Then.... we just seemed to drift off into a deep sleep. If I could see it, it would have been a pretty cute scene.

To be continued......

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Moonlight Mermaid
Community Member

Sun May 31, 2009 @ 05:26am

crazy mermaid...sounds...a little over exagurated...ok so I have a dare devil streak on a motercycle...can you blame me....

for some reason when you put my name with the term "nurse" it doesn't sound right....

yes it would of been a cute scene..... redface *giggle* won't be pretty when I try to kill ana....*whisles* you did very good *kiss* heart

what did you mean your feelings had been really screwy though...

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