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My Adventure Log
A journal of my adventures and events that happen as I travel with the princess and my rescue team. Will update as my story progresses.
History of Darkness

"Awwwwwwww. Well, isn't this a surprise You two were sleeping together."
(Sry, I'm switching up Ana's lines a little to sound more like her)

Me and Melissa woke up in a flash and jerked away from each other, blushing.

"Not that kind of sleeping your thinking!" Mel snapped. She wasn't exactly liking the thoughts Ana put in our heads. Me..... I felt like tossing my cookies. My stomach hadn't untied itself yet from yesterday. I tried to calm the mermaid, but Ana pushed it and she finally lost it, and again..... I had to keep her under control. I had to get my ocarina out and play it, so I used my legs to restrain her. I was pretty limber. Then again, you got to be limber if you wanna do the stuff I do. Playing each note carefully, I got her calmed.

Believe me, Ana is so getting a good talking-to when I catch her again. But with me unable to run for a while, I needed a different method for getting around or at least to catch someone I can't reach..... then it hit me. I have this item called the Gripshot. It's like a Hookshot, but the arrowhead can open up and literally grab onto something. I hadn't used it in a while, so this might be a good time.

Later on, my sarcasm went a little too far this time cause I almost got whacked with a vase. It was a close one too. I knew me and her should keep to ourselves for a bit. I went back for a nap because I needed all the sleep I could get.

In my dream, I saw Sari again. Couldn't blame her. I had been gone a long time and she was a close friend of mine. Heck, she helped me from getting kidnapped by rabid fangirls from a town that had a monster problem. I returned that favor by using one of her own cards just to keep her alive.

"I see you were able to rescue her, but don't think this is over yet. Even if you purify her, you still won't be able to truly bring her into the light. Aside from the Shadow Wielder who took her, there was another who triggered the darkness to rise up inside of her."

I was getting worried again. I was hoping that I would finally be getting somewhere, but then fate comes and slaps me in the face. Will I ever get this mission done? Even if I do, is it only a mission and nothing else? Just what was Sari telling me? Argh, what am I saying?! I know I love Melissa!

I woke up and saw Mel walk down from her room.... I think. I wasn't sure what she had been up to. I asked her if she was ok, and she replied with a smile, but this smile...... it made me feel a little uneasy. She was just about to walk out when I stopped her. "Melissa, I believe now's the time to tell you something I should have said before. It's about Brocko.... and a few others."

"I guess I could listen. It might be best for me to know."

Ok then. So, I don't exactly know much, but what I heard from my fairy partner, Twilie, they're not the kind of people you would want to mess around with. They are known as the Dark Elementals, the beings representing the darkness of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. The one we fought was Brocko, the Dark Earth, and the leader of the four. As you already know, he's ruthless and will complete any mission by any means necessary. The Dark Wind, Airius, is the second-in-command and can cause entire cities to be destroyed only by wind. She holds a scythe with two blades, each on opposite sides. The reason to fear her is that she has total control of the wind currents, and she isn't hesistant to use them.

The Dark Fire, Fyriax, is the embodiment of the destruction that fire can bring. He uses special spikes to claw at or throw at enemies, leaving internal damage to your body, as well as leaving you to die in a blazing wildfire. He's the one who has already gone beyond the point of insanity. He can start a huge blaze just by touching something and he will not hesitate to kill. The last one is Sirenair, the Dark Water. Beautiful, but deadly. She has complete control over water, bending it and summoning it through the power of her Harp Staff. She also holds what is called BlackWater. It's a dangerous liquid, found only on one planet. I've been to that planet, and trust me..... you would never survive there. It's a cursed world, covered by eternal darkness. The BlackWater has the power to cancel out the ability to breathe underwater, whether the power was gained, transferred, or born with. Nothing, not even mermaids, or even fish themselves, can breathe when submerged in BlackWater. A lot of people have died from it.

They are mercenaries for the Dark Princess Sparkle, an evil ruler who was sealed for 13 years inside the Aqua Star. I didn't know of what would happen when me and Sparkle rejoined the 7 shards of the star and freed her. But I was forced to find the shards and restore the Aqua Star. After that, I searched Tidus, the planet I was sent to, for a way to stop her once and for all. That's where another entity comes in: Dark Mat.

I too have had a darkness pulled from me. He was the first villain I faced on Tidus. The true first villain I fought was Taiga, the Alien King. It was about 7 or 8 years ago, when I was still a child. I was with my parents, travelling to an island to visit some people. I was swept off the ferry by a huge wave that came in. I thought I was going to die, until I heard a magical melody. It was the first time I had seen a mermaid, and that mermaid was Sparkle. Of course, at that time, I had not known who you were because we never met then. The melody I heard was from the ocarina that I hold now, which the young Sparkle gave me. I became its keeper when Taiga invaded Earth and kidnapped her. Even though I was scared stiff, I had been given courage from her and with the help from Elias, Sparkle's older brother, we got her back and I destroyed Taiga..... or so I had thought.

Back on Tidus, he was resurrected by his followers, the Light Destroyers, and by capturing three spirits I gained as allies: Hanon, Spirit of Wisdom, can use nearly any kind of magic. Rina, Spirit of Courage, can smash up nearly anything with supreme strength. And Luchia, Spirit of Power, is balanced in both magic and physical strength. All three have helped me in various ways, but they also helped in me getting my Aura powers.

So you see, I live a very dangerous life. I don't like to put other people in danger, which is why I travel by myself or with others who are able to protect themselves. That's why I don't let you travel with me."

I don't know how Melissa took it, but this way, if any of the other three are on Earth too, we would know about them. I left her alone as she walked out the door.

Ana came in a while later. I pulled out my Gripshot and pulled her over to me. I hadn't really said much to her, but I wanted to talk to her. I wasn't able to because we heard a noise upstairs. I walked up to where the sound came from. It was where Ana kept her spellbooks. I found one nearby that was open. I looked through it. There was a lot of history about Atlantica. I needed to know as much as I could because even though I'm strong, I need both knowledge and strength. I turned to a page that showed eight gems, each with a different attribute. This all pointed to Melissa who they believed held the Staff of the Angels. The final item we needed to take on Ursula.

Then, I remembered that uneasy smile she gave me. I then realized she was up to something. Something dark. "Dammit, Mel, what are you planning to do when those gems are collected?"

I looked out the door. I saw tire tracks. She had taken her motorbike and left.

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srs diva 2011 xxl
Community Member

Sun May 31, 2009 @ 06:07pm

Me like it, particularly the last part where you pull me over and want to give me a piece of your mind.

Moonlight Mermaid
Community Member

Sun May 31, 2009 @ 08:19pm

hahah I like this chapter...expecially when you say "dammit, Mel, what are you planning to do when those gems are collected?" I can tell you it's nothing good...it'll probably be a few days...but then next time it's in my view it'll be me going after the shadow gem.

but who is this other that caused the darkness in me to rise exactly

Moonlight Mermaid
Community Member

Wed Jun 03, 2009 @ 12:05pm

who is this other person that "triggered" the darkness to rise in me...I don't know who it is...*racking brain trying to find it out*

um...why exactly do you keep calling me "the mermaid" I know I'm a mermaid...but I have a name...kind of irritating being called "the mermaid"

User Comments: [3]
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