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My Adventure Log
A journal of my adventures and events that happen as I travel with the princess and my rescue team. Will update as my story progresses.
Soul Restoration and Shadow Freeze

Nothing left to do in Sunset Town, ma and Aoi headed back to Ana's place. She had left while I was gone after hearing that Sarah was missing. On the way, we stopped at some ruins, and again, this was Aoi's idea. I feel like she's playing the leader now. I thought I told her I was the leader, since I'm one of the three leaders of the Tidus Brigade, with Sparkle and Ray as the other two.

These ruins had something unlike the other old places I've been to. This place was raining non-stop. I was OK with rain, but it rained hard. I suspect a plot or something. But I had no time to think about it. We were soaked almost thoroughly until I covered us with my shield. (It had reverted to being a shield of magic instead of crystal. Works the same way, but the magic shield can be shattered and it takes a lot of Magic Power to create another one.)


Inside, it looked like we were outside, but it wasn't raining. In fact, it was fairly warm, and had what looked like a huge, really deep pool. We were soaked already, so it didn't matter if we jumped in....... spoke too soon. There was a major undertow that dragged us down. Aoi grabbed onto me as I thust my sword into the wall. I noticed the water was being drained somewhere. Looking down, I saw some kind of grate and the water was flowing into it, like it was being consumed like a person drinking a glass of water.

Aoi got her Gravity Boots working so she could climb up and so I could too. Using the technique I learned in Termina, I thrust myself up and pulled out my sword and stuck it back in the wall, repeating until we climbed out. "That was a bit unexpected," I said, looking back as the water begin to fill the area again.

I turned around and Aoi wasn't there. I need to keep her under control or she'll do something that could be fatal. I heard something and looked up. There she was, and she had found a rapier. Long thin blade, blue and red hilt with a gold emblem, and a wide handguard. So other than where she went, there wasn't any other places left. So we left. But I had a feeling this wasn't really the last time we would be here.

With all the commotion inside, it was night out. It wasn't raining anymore either, so we could relax. Aoi was fast asleep when we approached a huge tree. I too needed sleep. After this, we were going back to Ana's to see if we could locate Mel again. It was time to use the Soul Restoration card on her.


Asleep, I was in a dream. Nothing around. I was on a pillar, just like when I was first reunited with Sparkle. I saw someone coming toward me from a staircase nearby. Blonde hair, white garment, opal eyes filled with empty twilight. It was Sari. She wasn't surprised at me being a werewolf.

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"Mat, you must listen to me, for this is very important. The ordeal you are about to face will have an impact on the future for Earth, Tidus, and Link's planet. The one you are struggling against does not know what will happen if he succeeds. I have come to tell you this through time and space itself," she said. Sari then pulled out a card. It said 'Shadow Freeze' on it.

"This card is able to attach to a shadow and halt it in place, making the shadow's owner unable to move. You can only use it three times before it's gone forever. At any time you think the outcome looks bleak, use Shadow Freeze."

After giving me the card, she came up to me and hugged me gently. She felt something race through her head and let go immediately. I was a bit confused. "You have to wake up, Mat. There is evil where you are. You will be normal upon awakening. I leave you with these final words: To restore her, the card must be thrust at her heart to activate it."

I woke up and saw a shroud covering Aoi. She was awake, but couldn't breathe. "Time to test that new move I practiced while at Ana's," I said. I ran up to her and placed two fingers on her forehead, then charged up my Aura Power. "Now! Aura Cleanse!!!"

A shockwave was sent out and the shroud was dispelled. My Aura Cleanse was an Aura/Light attributed ability that only worked on others. It was able to purge ailments from a body caused by possession or curses. It wouldn't work on Melissa because she welcomes the darkness, or on Sean because he also uses Dark abilities like Black Punishment. If I tried it, I'd end up taking their lives instead of curing them. This is why I needed Soul Restoration.


We finally made it back to Ana's place and she welcomed us with open arms. It felt nice being back in a familiar place, and I missed my Wii. I wonder if that Jareth guy missed me too....... well, I'll think about that later. My tummy's a-rumbling, and boy, do I need some food. Next time, I buy more rations.

After a decent meal (I just nuked some Pizza Pops. I had a craving for those), Jareth called me, Ana, and Aoi in. He showed us a crystal ball. Using it, he displayed some stuff, and then it showed that lovesick idiot (Sry, I had to get that out) again, and I just jerked my face away. Then it went blank, which meant he destroyed the other half of the link between the crystal balls, breaking the connection. I could tell that guy was desperate at keeping her away from me.

I went through some stuff on the internet to try and get that disgusting image out of my head. I scrolled through some really cute artwork of Dawn, which I really wished she was real before going to Tidus and then developing an interest for Mel. (My life was boring, but weird before I became a sword wielder) Worked a little, but not enough. I went for Super Smash Bros. Brawl and played a few online matches. I waxed them with WW Link, which I'm wishing they didn't call him Toon Link. It sounds like an insult in my view.


The next day, I went out for a walk. I needed the air anyway. Aoi was elsewhere, but kept a jewel with her so I could keep in touch. The Shield Crystal I have also acts as a means of communication to a similar type of crystal. One guy tried to pickpocket me, but I grabbed his wrist and cracked it without having to look. I just don't get the thing with people and crime anyway. Why the hell do they do it?

As I walked, I noticed there was no one else around. For a port town, it was eerily quiet. Then, I saw a girl with short, silver hair. With my Aura Sight, I found it was Melissa. I spoke and she looked back. She didn't seem herself this time. "Melissa, it's me..... Mat. Doesn't that ring a bell?"

She was very shy, and a little frightened. I think he erased too much of her memory that she didn't know I always carried a sword. "He... Lelouch... he erased your memories of me, Ana, Flotsam and Jetsam. Don't you remember any of them or their names?"

"What? Your crazy! I don't know you or anyone you're talking about!"

I could tell he was desperate. Anything to make her his own and hurt all the others she knows about. He was looking at love the wrong way. She should be able to choose who she really wants, not him.

She tried to run for it. This could be my last chance to get her memory back. I remember hearing someone say that memories can never be destroyed, but can be sealed away. I had to pursue, and while I did, I gave Aoi a signal and she showed up, but Mel dodged her and bolted around a corner. When I got there, Aoi had her pinned. That's going a bit overboard! I'm giving her a good talking to when we get back.

My only shot. I pulled out the card and it charged up, glowing with a golden light. "Soul Restoration, bring back Melissa's memories. Release and dispel!!!" I recited. Just when she got Aoi off her, I slammed the card against her chest (sry, it also requires me to use force) and it sent light energy flowing through her. Because of the darkness, the process was a bit painful for her. Just before it ended, I heard someone rush toward us.
"Get away from her!"

"Oh no, not now."

Lelouch had found us. Just as he drew his rapier, the Soul Restoration process had finished. Melissa had her memories unsealed at last. "M... Mat..."

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Moonlight Mermaid
Community Member

Sun May 03, 2009 @ 02:07pm

well of course I was scared of you...you had a sword...you claimed to know me and I didn't recognize you...had you been in my possition you would of felt the same...

very good..hehehe...now I have to work with the chase sene which wont be easy...I suck at describing fights and stuff... crying

um who's the girl in the picture...she looks like that girl from kingdom hearts...

srs diva 2011 xxl
Community Member

Sun May 03, 2009 @ 04:11pm

I must commend you for your spelling, even if your chapters are unbearably short. that "Shadow Trap" card sounds like it would come in handy.

User Comments: [2]
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