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My Adventure Log
A journal of my adventures and events that happen as I travel with the princess and my rescue team. Will update as my story progresses.
The Chase is on!

"Melissa, get back!"

"You will never have her, boy! I'm taking her back even if I have to wipe out everything in my way!"

"I'd like to see you try!"

With blades drawn, me and Lelouch lunged at each other, matching blow for blow. He put his guard up as I used my spinning slash and moved his blade to throw me off. I tried a dive-bomb maneuver by jumping higher than normal and spinning downward with the force of gravity backing me up. I left a small crater in the pavement, but didn't get him.

I turned around and he throws a hard punch to my stomach, making me cough up some blood. Apparently, enough force to that area can do that to me. I was stunned for a few seconds, which gave him the chance to grab Melissa and run off like a burglar into a subway. I grabbed my sword and chased after them.

Once Lelouch knew I was after them, he did something I never expected: he actually melted into the shadows. I was still on them, though. I managed to spot him again as he dove into a pool of water. "There's no way water can hold me back!" I yelled, diving after him.

I could still feel his presense even though he wasn't around anymore. Swimming like a shark, I found a tunnel and re-surfaced. This wasn't part of the sewers. It felt more like a temple or secret cave, and it went a lot deeper than I thought. I saw a rail and attempted a grind. I blazed down that rail, but rocks and parts from the ceiling began to crumble, breaking parts of the rail, and it was a loooooong fall down. I skillfully jumped the gaps, breaking the rocks as I continued.

I was almost there.... I could feel it, until I felt the pain of smacking into a wall. It was the last hurdle I had to overcome until I caught up. I used the same wall climbing move as in the ruins and climbed up quickly. I managed to catch up. I could tell by his aura that Lelouch was weakened, but was still at full speed. My only option was the Sonic Dash. He got into his lair and sealed it with magic power just as I went full speed.

A magic lock was a problem with me. A normal lock wouldn't be because I can cut those off easy. I went full force and used a spinning slash to strike repeatedly. Then I remembered my new move. I grasped the lock and activated Aura Cleanse. The magic blew off and the lock broke, but there was another inside the knob. I was so annoyed that I slammed my foot into it and the door broke into pieces. I saw him trying to suck the very memories out like a vampire. He looked at me and hissed.

"You can't have her! She's already chosen! She wants me! If she wanted you, she would have left me and come back to you!"

"She doesn't belong in the dark like this! She's supposed to be in the sunlight! Where she's healthy! In the water where she's happy!"

It was no use trying to change his mind. His heart was as black as his hair. If it came to it, I would have to kill him. He drew his sword and we clashed once again.

User Image

I wasn't at my peak because of running into that wall, but I still was able to break the clash and get a hit in. He got one in too, but it wasn't bad. Only a scratch. "She is happy! Happy with me! I can give her all the things she'll ever need in life! Besides how would you care for her when she's sick or something!? Your always running around on some adventure leaving her alone and defenseless! And you have Aoi!"

That pushed me over the edge. I liked Aoi, but only as a friend and teammate. He thought I liked her more. My sword's blade flared with Aura as I struck. His sword broke in two, and I left a serious wound in his right shoulder. I used this chance to get Mel away from the maniac. While running, I stuff my earphones in so I couldn't hear her, and believe me, I did not want to hear the filth coming out. She tried attacking, but my Aura had flared up too much that it stopped her cold. Lelouch made one last attempt at me, but Aoi spin-dashed him and he was out cold. I hoped after that blow, he'd come to his senses and learn how to really let someone know how he felt instead of stealing them away and holding them inside for most of the time.

I still got nothing but abuse. I know I was rough and all, but when things get intense, I usually don't hold back. Had he gone farther then trying to suck out her memories, I would have lost it, killed him and the rage would cause the place to cave in and bury all three of us. I made sure Mel was asleep. Once she was, I pulled out my ocarina and played a peaceful tune. If this wouldn't calm her, then nothing would.

Downstairs, I was chatting with Ana. Aoi was making sure the KO'd 'Lulu' wasn't left for dead. I knew he would lose it once our eyes met again.... if they did. My last attack..... well, he was lucky it was the shoulder.

Mel woke up and Anastasia glomped and was so happy that she tried kissing her. *shudders* Mel still attacked, but I knew my ocarina got to her, even though I hardly use it. I knew that times would be tough for a while. She wasn't returned to light yet. (I could tell because she still had silver hair.) I had a feeling we weren't out of the woods yet.

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Moonlight Mermaid
Community Member

Sun May 03, 2009 @ 07:53pm

heh...that's strange it says in my jounal no one's read it yet...heh but you followed along quite well...fast paced in a way but still nice...and no duh I'm not out of the dark yet....I'm surprised I didn't slaugher her for kissing me and hugging me like that...

srs diva 2011 xxl
Community Member

Sun May 03, 2009 @ 09:01pm

This is awesome. Did you like bring her over to my house without telling me? Give me the details because I'm almost finished with my newest chapter and want to make sure I got it right.

Moonlight Mermaid
Community Member

Mon May 04, 2009 @ 12:55am

um what do you mean when you say the ocarina got to me...that it calmed me down...

Community Member

Mon May 04, 2009 @ 01:25am

Wow. an ocarina!!! Kinda reminds me of Legend of Zelda. *hums a bit of zelda's lullaby. * Gr8t entry. ^.^

User Comments: [4]
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