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holly doll
i plan to write about whatever i feel like writing about (gosh)
run, just keep running i kept saying to myself as i tripped and stumbled my way across the roof. a bullet whizzed past my left ear, i ducked my head as one of the men jumped out to grab me you know what happens if you dont they were gaining on me, i couldnt outrun these guys, let alone six of them.i was coming closer to the edge of the roof. i had two choices, face them, or jump.
my feet flew from the edge and i held out my arms in that short moment of free fall, maybe i'll actually die this time. well i guess lady luck wasnt on my side today. i felt my broken, bruised body lifted up by the cold hard hands of Marious, my own personal bodyguard (he mostly protected me from myself). " you shouldnt have done that Cressidia" he whisperd onto my ear. i really hated that guy, hated him with a passion. Marious was my cousin, Mare's top 'employees', they were more like his secret police... but they were scary, every member had absolutely no memory of their past lives from before they began working for him. well thats was because they had been given some sort of chemical that wiped it away, then they were given what my cousin, mare called an 'extreme makeover'. it mainly enhanced their abilities like strength, brains... you get the picture. and it didnt really help that afterwards they all look like friggin' supermodels. more robot than human. just slimy little puppets for whom they served. in this case Mare. i began living with my cousin after my father was arrested eight years ago for murdering my mother, he didnt do it of course... but we never had the money for a good lawyer so, he was sentenced to life, all the better for Mare. My fathers arrest just gave him another person to order around... well good luck with that.

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