(dallie told me to, so i did)

My name is Chi, well, that's what everyone calls me...I was raised in a faily wealthy family in an average sized home, but with a horrible past. My mother died when i was very young and my father was an alcoholic. At the age of 13, my father told me that he had killed my mother...That night, I returned him the favor, killing him just as he had, with his bare hands, strangling her to death. It is but a year past and I now live in an apartment complex. I woke up today to the sound of someone screaming and a loud metal clang. It was this girl Irie, who lived downstairs from me. Today, while at school, Irie (she likes to be called Dallie) kept staring at me. In the halls, I decided to say hello. She was with her friend Lis at her locker. I said hello, and she blushed heavily. I tried not to notice, but I think I blushed too. We went to class together (I think it was science class, I forget) and she started to touch my arm in the hallways. I was kinda shocked but I didn't say anything, after all, why complain? The class was pretty easy, i could practically answer every question, but I chose not to, so I didn't look like an absolute geek, but each time I answered, Irie started giggling behind me. I turned around to ask what was so funny, but at that moment, I realized how beautiful she was. Sitting at the desk behind me was this beautiful young woman, blushed a light pink and smiling at me, trying to stifle her cute little laugh. I turned around right after what seemed like a lifetime looking at her, probably blushing like an idiot...The rest of the day was a blur to me, after seeing Irie in class. All I could remember was her beautiful face.......oh...well anyways, I gotta go to my job (Taekwon Do teaching assistant) bye!