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SHUT THE ******** UP.

I'm tired of it. I'M TIRED OF IT! This constant complaining that you're not getting the right treatment. This ridiculous belief that you deserve EVERYTHING that comes to your mind. This idea that you, yes you, are a super special and unique snowflake that no one can possibly match. STOP IT.

Yes, everyone. Just because I'm in the lab or studio all the time doesn't mean I can't hear you all whine when you're in there. I have ears.

We filled that lab with the best computers we could at the time. When we first got them, they could render 220 frames in less than an hour. They have dual screens, one of which is a Wacom Cintique and therefore worth twice what you are. Do you have any idea how much all that software and licensing costs? Not only do we have the ENTIRE Adobe Creative Suite, but we also have Maya, Softimage, Zbrush, and god knows what all else Andy's been busting his a** to get for us. The number of tutorials he put on the server for US is worth at least $200.

And you little shits are complaining that the CHAIRS ARE UNCOMFORTABLE?

Do you have any idea how that sounds? Y'all're spoilt. When this lab was first built, we didn't even have DESKS. We had two computers to a fold-out table, and we sat on folding metal chairs. If you put weight on one side of the table, you risked overturning the whole thing.

And YOU. Lab patrons! I CAN HEAR YOU.

Yeah. You may be a traditional artist. You may not use the computer as your main medium. Understandable. But you DO need to know how to correct color in photoshop for when a photo turns out wrong, or edit out someone's thumb because they don't know how to use a ******** Canon. Get over your bitchy little attitudes and JUST DEAL WITH IT. Just because you are not a computer person doesn't mean you shouldn't learn a few things. If you want to sell ANYTHING, you're going to need a website, and its not cheap to get someone to do it for you. LEARN SOMETHING! D<

Aaaaaand yooooooou.... You, the shitty painter. Don't sound so ******** disappointed that your project only got a 70. You bullshitted your way through the critique. You did it all last minute. Your IDEA didn't even make sense. GET OVER YOURSELF and learn to take criticism. You're only 23. You're not capable of a masterpiece. If you do C work, expect a C grade. Isn't that what we learned in elementary school? DO YOUR ******** WORK.


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