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Landord and Nicky
Brian needs to stop calling Jason. Jason isn't here for half the s**t that goes on in this house and likely has no clue what he's talking about. Or rather, he should stop TEXTING Jason because we don't get texts until HOURS after they've been sent. Honestly, I think he's being sexist. A house full of girls, and he calls the only man? Rather, the only STRAIGHT man? I know that seems like a stretch, but its getting a little ridiculous. I mean, he signed this house over to us because he thought girls were "cleaner" than boys, he only calls Jason, and he doesn't trust us to do some basic housework. Its... not looking good.

I think it would be great, and appropriate, if he would contact the person who contacted him first. So Corrina. Jason says that he called him because he called all of us and none of us answered our phones. Bullshit. I don't have any missed calls. Neither does anyone else in the house. I'm thinking he didn't call any of us and is using that as an excuse. The pissy thing is that we can't do anything about it because of our contract.

I'm sorry your house is shitty. You should have taken a look at it BEFORE you let us in. >>

And now on to Nicky.

She's been commenting on my statuses. Not that I mind having friends who comment on my life, I actually like it. But when it has anything to do with the house or the people in the house or anything that goes on, she's either mad or sad about it. I can understand being pissed off about landlord stuff, because it can be a little frustrating. But when its stuff like "Lee Bradford just spent three hours with her housemates, talking about nothing at all," she immediately gets sad. Anytime something happy happens, she posts a sad comment. Anything... GOOD in my life and she is immediately depressed by that. Am I ALLOWED to have my own life and be happy in it? Because I would like to be.

She CHOSE to go back to Florida. We didn't beg her to stay by any means because it was in the end her decision. We encouraged her to stick with it because it meant that she was finally admitting that there was a problem and we thought that her parents would stick to their word. I would be sad, too if things didn't work out, but as it is I am in Indiana and she is in Florida. If she is sad, there is nothing that I can do.

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