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Look, woman. I know you're 26 and have been out in the working world for 3 years and probably know a little more about how some things work than I do. I get it.

HOWEVER. You didn't take three years of animation. You don't know what particle effects are. You don't know how ******** HARD it is to get skin texture to line up justright so that the viewers don't notice.

I'm trying not to analyze movies. That's why I SLAP MY HAND when we're watching The Incredibles. I didn't say anything. In fact, you commenting on me doing it and why I should stop analyzing the movie made me miss half of it. Good job.

Analyzing film is something I do. Its one of the few things that me, Bill, dad, and mom can all do as a family. What's the point of a movie if you can't talk about it?

You are also not the authority on everything. Just because you don't like the ARMY doesn't mean its a bad job. I would technically be working for the SAIC, which, while associated with the ARMY, isn't the ARMY. I wouldn't have to enlist. I wouldn't have to sell my soul. I'm not going to get my fingers chopped off in Iraq. Don't compare it with working for Disney.

Yes. I know Disney owns everything. Know how I know that? I'm an ANIMATION MAJOR. What am I supposed to do: lock myself in a room and only work for independent companies? Get over it. I'm only 23. I have my whole life to feel remorse for working for an evil giant.

AND OH MY GOD! SOMEONE LEFT THE CHEESE OUT! BIG ******** WHOOOP! Yes, I know Vella did it. I know that Vella constantly does it. We've known this. We've come to terms with it. Not everyone is so perfectly in order like you are.

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