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Hormones are a fragile thing.
So I knew the risks of taking birth control before I started taking them. I read the little pamphlet about abusing hormone therapy and how dangerous it is to be messing with your unborn children. I read the part about my period being irregular and probably heavier and how unpleasant that can be. I know all that. I mean, I'd rather not have to take them, but if its a matter of hormonal imbalance feeding pre-existing general anxiety disorder, I would rather take the damn pill than be paranoid and unpleasant all the time.

However, I didn't think that my body would be this messed up. Heavier periods, I was expecting. Longer periods, yeah, I could see that.

Being "on the rag" for three weeks out of the month? Not so much.

I just got off my last period. Granted, it wasn't heavy, in fact it was one of the lighter ones I've had. But I still had to deal with the dizziness, indigestion, irritation, and having to wash my pants sooner than I had anticipated. And now I'm doing it all over again. I was hoping that for the first time ever I would be able to go to a convention without having to pack a box of pads, but no. My body has to be all "I hate you and want you to be miserable during your only vacation out of Muncie." Yes. That is what my uterus said.

I wonder if this means I'll be going through menopause earlier in life. God, I hope not. If I have to go through that s**t, I'm going to stop taking the damn pills. I mean, not that I'm really raring to have kids or anything, but... well... its nice to know that the option is there. And I am not looking forward to hot flashes and moodswings. I have mood swings already. I don't want more of them.

On the bright side, I haven't broken down lately. Well... too much.

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