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Corrina needs to CHILL THE ******** OUT.
I'm not just getting tired of it. I AM tired of it. I don't know if its just that she's always been this way and I haven't noticed it, or if she's perpetually pissed off as of Feb 1. Three times this week she's been mad about something I didn't do right or something that I left out or some... thing that I'm sure I'm not the only one who has ever forgotten to do something. Or left out a detail.

I don't know if its me being paranoid or not, but I feel like she's singling me out a bit. I mean, she's being a chore nazi with everyone, but I'm apparently the whipping boy (hmmm... I can come up with a better and more historically accurate metaphor later when I'm not so angry. For now this will do.) She's mad that Joel doesn't do his chore when its his turn, but she doesn't say so to him. And then she gets mad if dishes aren't done right... tells me even though I may not have done them. Or if some food wasn't put away properly (it was pita bread. That s**t doesn't fridge well and we were out of gallon bags.) And if the pan was greasy (despite the fact that I didn't do the pans. Jason did. When I told her this, she declared it 'really shitty' that I left all the pans to Jason. But did she talk to Jason? I bet not.) And so what if a few of the dishes weren't all the way clean? Its really hard to clean something all the way when there's cilantro in the water. I'm not the first person to make this mistake, and I won't be the last. I didn't rush through dishes just to get them done. Is it so hard to imagine that I OVERLOOKED SOMETHING BECAUSE I'M HUMAN?

I wonder, and this is probably my paranoia running with me, if she found out about Jason's ancient crush on me and is trying to establish that he is her property? Which is kind of ridiculous because it was three years ago, and I turned him down because he has a p***s. And since, there's been no mention of it other than laughing at ourselves. So that theory is just ridiculous.

I don't like people who have to be right all the time. Yes, it solves an argument to just look it up on google, but it also ceases all conversation. And honestly, I would rather debate with Vella on what the name of the unisex skirt in TNG is called for an hour and THEN look it up.

I would much rather not be in a situation where I relish the moments when she's not around. Because I do. I do wait for her to be out of the house before I do anything time-consuming or messy under the assumption that I will be berated for doing something wrong. Doesn't matter what. Its wrong. Its always wrong.

She hates that I'm so negative. But she's just a walking ball of negativity. Its hard not to feel like I'm being oppressed when that's what I have to deal with. My days are usually fine until she says something.

Also, she's 'training Jason.' To do things without her asking for them. Which is a horrible thing to do. She's a feminist, but she's trying to build her life around a stereotype of the selfish woman? I do not dig, man. Do. Not. Dig. I don't give a damn if he's not my man. He is my friend. He deserves better than to be manipulated. He's had to deal with enough of that.

A few more months... it'll all be over....

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