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Random, but thoughtful, Ideas
anything i just feel like writting
dark (poem and a story)
it can be seen
but it is seen as blackness
there is nothing
and it is lonely in its blackness
but not too many would know
for they never stray too far from their light

here it is cold
because there is not a body here
a body to share warmth with
and a person to share a soul with
no one to converse with
no one to sing with
not a soul to play with

in the light all is so clear
but there is not a reason
to linger in such a place
the dark feels much better
and all one knows is sound
tone, pitch, and voices
no faces can be seen
the voice is believed to make up the face
and so begins the tale

Jayden opened his eyes, but in truth it did not matter if his eyes were closed or not, because it was too dark to see anything anyway. He had been born in this darkness, though he knew not how. He had taken part in the dance once before and was still not sure of how one could manage to go through the pain of birth in the dark.

He heard familar steps of the woman he had danced with. Every one had a familar step, or rythym about them that was unique, as was their voice. But some people rarely spoke with their voices, they liked to talk with their hands and feet. Personally Jayden liked his voice, he liked the way it bounced off the rocks to form a very pleasing sound. His dance partner that now sat beside him against the cave wall; she said she loved his voice as it was so different from the others she had always heard before.

"Have you noticed, that the darkness is getting lighter?" She asked softly, and in her very quiet voice.
Jayden frowned, thinking her crazy, but then again he had noticed the shade of light becoming a very dark grey as opposed to the once pure black. "Yes I have noticed, but i did not pay too much attention to it."

She sighed, almost inaudibly. Her voice was so lovely. And it was soft, like her skin. He felt around for her bare body in the dark. In the dark there was no need for clothes because there was nothing to see in the dark. Nothing could be hidden when already the object needing to be hidden was not in sight. Jayden found her left hip, and pulled her on top of his body, and she giggled gently in his ear. Her caresses of laughter always made him feel as though something was burning in his body.

"I almost wonder what it would be like to see things in the light, or to see at all for that matter."
"There will always be darkness love, it has been dark since from before our grandparents can remember. We know there is such thing as color but i personally like the dark. Its simple and everything is lovely. There is no need to worry about appearences. Imagine if your face turned out to not be pleasing to my eyes and I no longer danced with you."
It took her awhile to respond, he believed she was thinking, but she sniffled. "I want to see. why is it you do not?"
He felt his face frowning, "For all the reasons I just said." His tone was very annoyed.
She tried to wriggle from his lap. He could feel her skin rubbing hardly against his own bare skin. He quickly pulled her closer to his chest. Not wanting her to go. "Let me go Jayden!" Though angry her voice was still soft as ever. It made his insides tingle.
"I don't want to ever let you go. If one day the light comes then I suppose I will have to let you go in it, but for the moment you are mine Clarise! Do not seek the light so that you may leave me."
She settled down once more then felt around in the dark for his face. She rubbed her thumbs against his cheeks. "Jayden I do not wish to leave you, but the light is so mysterious and i wish to find it. Go with me and we can experiance dancing in the light."

Jayden thought about that. It did seem appealing, and he liked dancing with her very much. All the other females he had danced with had not made him burn with longing for more. He had thrown them aside, but not Clarise. She made him burn with each time and made his body satisfied without dancing. He thought about it som more and hesitated, wanting to remain in the dark. He was curious though to see what she looked like, and he had the chance to dance with her once more, it could not be all a loss.

"Lets go look for the light."
She kissed him very passionately in thanks. "Oh Jayden!"

He could not control himself any longer he wanted to dance now, but Clarise insisted they begin their search right away where she had seen not black, not grey, blue. They walked hand in hand to keep track of one another. It had been a very long time since they had danced and Jayden was aching for the sensations again. He frowned, hoping this would not take too long.

Finally they reached the area of the different hue. "I believe it gets brighter from here, but I turned back to come find you, so that perhaps I could share this with you Jayden."
Jayden rolled his eyes, but she couldn't see it. He smiled though as he heard her laughing. "Well lets continue forward." His desire was slowly running down. He was really praying to the god of his darkness that it would not take to long to find this light. He also hoped he would be forgiven just this once for seeing the light of day.

It seemed like an eternity as the hues got lighter and lighter, at last they came to a point where they were both almost blinded. It took awhile for their eyes to adjust to the really bright light. But after awhile their eyes adjusted just enough so that they may clearly see the person next to them. Jayden was awed, the second thing he saw and it was so beautiful and perfect. He thought her voice had been perfect, and that her skin had felt so soft, and her figure fit well in his hands but what he saw was what thought was perfection. Screw his god of darkness and all his other views. He wanted to stare at Clarise's naked body for an eternity.

But when he finally stared at her face, it was beautiful, but her expression did not seemed pleased. Clarise seemed horrified by his meer image. Jayden did not know what was wrong. He looked down at his body and saw no faults, but he looked closer and saw he was dirty, and there was disgusting hair everywhere. He saw this hair on his face as well, he could not believe he was so hideous.

He cried in anguish and was jealous that Clarise could be so beautiful. Jayden was angry and sad at the same time. He fell to his knees and pounded on the bright ground with his eyes closed. What a horrible thing light was, that had made him so hideous. At least he had Clarise. He looked up at her. "Do you still wish to dance?"

For the first time in her life, Clarise screamed and it almost made his ears bleed, because it was so loud, unexpected, and blood curdling. It pierced his ear drums at long last and he thought he may never hear again. Jayden looked back up to see her lovely form running away. He had been afraid that she would be the ugly one and that he might not love her after seeing her true form but it was he who was ugly. he could hear her cries and her screams of "NEVER". It made him lose all his senses. He looked to the sky as he had always pretended to do when he was in the caves.

Immediantly he was blinded. It was all too much. Oh what a terrible thing the light was! He loathed it with all his being. He thanked his god for teaching him his lesson. He moved his head back to the ground and opened his eyes. There was odd colors for a moment then nothing but blackness. Now his eternal wish was granted. he could no longer see. he retreated to the caves so as to have no need to. It was best for one to be kept in the dark.

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