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Random, but thoughtful, Ideas
anything i just feel like writting
sad poem
ellos....its been awhile since I have been on gaia I feel as though I have neglected my poor little journal that only asks me to write in it

well this little poem is inspired by something I have felt with a lot of things and though I wis to avoid saying things to remain happy on the outside and INSIDE I am coming to realize that I am running out of time to do so....so without further ado (or is it adeiu?):


Time, time there's never enough time
So many things that I want to say
But I don't want to make you sad
Though it was only once
I can't stand to see you cry
I want to say so much more than I love you
But I need to get this off my mind
There's just never enough time
To say it all at once

Don't want to let you down
I just want to see you smile
And make you so warm
You said I'm like a rekindling fire
And I give you purpose once again
I want to continue to do so
I will do so as long as you wish me to
I just wish we had

Time,Time, there's never enough time
I gotta tell you I love you
So you know
That I dont want us
To end in anyway
I have so much more to say
But there is never enough time to remember
That I need to say it

Time, Time there is never enough time
To ourselves
In the night
Never enough time to completely
Show each other
What we have to offer
Only to the other
There is just never enough time

Time,Time, there's never enough time
Its just slipping through our grasp
But I don't want to let you go
I want what I can't have
More time with you
My love
My other half

Time just seems to fly by
It can't afford to care
If I need some more time
There is just never enough time
At leasts that's what I feel

I don't want this to end
But we are running out of time
To decide
How much more time
We will spend together

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