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anything i just feel like writting
rider story continued
She fell on a loose root, hitting the ground very hard. "Damn!" she cried, reaching for her knee that had absorbed most of her fall. It hurt to bend it, not as though it was a cramp, far worse in fact. She continued to hold it in pain, and felt a small twig sticking out of her knee. "Oh may the gods shine kinder upon me," she said to the now dark night.

Meelah prayed that Terrin was in wolf form, so that he could sniff her out. She also hoped he was trained in tracking as a human. In all actuality they had never discussed the type of training they had had, which (thinking of it now) would probably had been a good idea, just to know rather than to embark on an intelectual conversation.

But they never discussed anything that seemed of importance. He had merely asked about her upbringing and food, and she had asked about what it was like to be half human. Terrin had of course avoided answering her questions of his race, because (so she believed) it was an uncomfortable subject.... humans mating with wolves and other species.

The pain in Meelah's knee increased, the twig seeming to break while lodged in her knee. She was close to tears; she tried a few times to pull it out and the pain increased only further. She did not like the idea of bringing herself pain, even if it was to bring relief.

"Terrin," she cried, "I need you!"

Terrin began to realize how clever Meelah was, for he could not find a single track of where he was sure she had headed to. Though he had his doubts, thinking perhaps her lack of a trail to follw was an accident, at the same time she had surprised him several times before they had met.

Once, he had been watching the archery classes, and he had seen a lovely girl shooting the targets quite perfectly, never missing the shot. His master had been watching with him that day, for Terrin liked watching the archery training, especially this class, which was supposed to be advanced, or special in some way. Later, when his master had introduced him to Meelah, he had discoverd that the lovely girl he had watched in the archery class was none other than his rider. He had been amazed, and even more so amazed when he had seen a bow absent from her pack. There were arrows though, that looked hand made, and finely crafted with pegasus feathers. Perhaps she did not have her own, bow, whatever the case, Meelah seemed to be somewhat of a mystery.

He came across a mangled body in the dark. Pity over came him, and his thoughts said perhaps he should see if the poor creature was still alive. There was a huge piece of broken wood in the poor thing's knees. Terrin could not smell the decay yet. The thing moaned, obviously in great pain. He felt around to what he thought was the knee; it seemed as though the wood was lodged deep inside.

"Terrin," it called horsely.

His eyes opened wide in shock to discover the mangled creature was Meelah. He cooed and began to rock her in hos arms to keep her calm and silent. Terrin was scared beyond belief; he had never actually dealed with an injured being of any type, as a chiled he had been sheltered from such things, and in training there seemed no use for it.

"What the hell did you do to yourself!?!" he exclaimed, still rocking her.
"Fell," she moaned.
He sighed heavily. Looking at her knee he knew it would have to come out before the wound became infected. He begane to coo her again softly. "This is going to hurt."
he felt her nodd against his shoulder, but she did not respnd with her voice.

He reached down to the wood protruding from her knee, and gently grasped it. Just as delicately he began to remove it, very slowly. As he did so he heard Meelah groaning in what he took for pain. His free arm, of its own voilition, began to stroke her exposed arm skin. Soon the thing was out of her knee and in the ground. Terrin now believed Meelah not leaving a trail was most definately an accident if she had fallen so carelessly.

"Be more careful next time." He ordered.
"Terrin" she breathed.
"Yes?" he inquired
"Thank you."

He continued to hold her through out the duration of the night, after wrapping her knee of course. His simple therapy of cooing, rocking, and stroking, seemed to make her far more tranquil, to the point where she fell asleep at long last.

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