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Random, but thoughtful, Ideas
anything i just feel like writting
new story
its been awhile since i wrote anything here.... i am not sure why i had plenty of time.... anyways, going to see how this story turns out, comment please....

Meelah was once more in the forest lying next to the gray and black were-wolf that had been ordered to protect her. Terrin, the boy in wolf form, glared at her without blinking. He looked much cuter as a wolf, as she imagined him to be more of a dog.

He barked at her before changing back to the young man, with all the physical features she craved. His long black hair cascaded down to his shoulders in the straight strands she wished were hers. His skin was tanned to the perfect tone, showing he had been in the sun frequently. His light grey eyes did not pause in their glare at her, as he stood up to let his black clothes fall to where they were supposed to be.

"hurry up i want to be at the mountain pass before dawn."

Meelah frowned. In Terrin, that meant: "now that you're awake get ready and don't try to make yourself look good because you're already hideous and there is no way to fix that". Or so she assumed. He was a very cold person, and as she arose from under the various bear pelts he turned away so as not to see what he called her: "exposed maidenly body". In all honesty she was covered head to toe in his clothes that she was borrowing since all of her dresses had been ripped/torn/burned/and sold for food.

She had a theory he just thought it was weird to see her wearing his underclothes, and his other clothes he had to spare, since his were neither valuable, nor well cared for. Though what he wore now was quite nice. She looked at him quite puzzled and he caught her.

"what?" he demanded annoyed.
"is that new? it seems so clean"
Terrin growled. "I took a bath in the creek about a hundred feet from where you were sleeping, and I dried off while you were busy snoring."
Meelah crossed her arms. "It was just a question, was it necessary to be so defensive?"

Now Terrin turned to face her, forgetting about how low his shirt came on her upper torso, as well as how much the cream color matched her fair skin. His face turned red at the sight. He had been warned by his master that she would hinder him from being fully composed but it had taken awhile for him to believe it. After selling all her fine clothes though, and catching a glimpse her bare body.... he was not quite as doubtful.

"Forgive me," he turned around again, "Lady Meelah, for being defensive. Though I cannot garauntee i will not do it again, I do promise to hold my tounge more often."
((sorry can't always spell well))

She turned away blushing. He had been acting so strangely lately, and out of his cold character. He had been so serious the night they had been matched by the riders clan. Meelah, was his rider, which was an odd occurence, especially since were-wolves hardly every had riders. But of course everything between them was not normal.

"You are forgiven Prince Terrin"

That was what was the oddedst part of their pairing. Both of them had been choosen at birth to be riders, there was no escape from that but both were of noble birth. Though quite commonly nobility were born riders, rarely were they paired with another noble class of riding partner. Even more so there were very few noble half-human breeds that were born riders. The odds of their match were of great intrigue. Yet it had been fortold on the day of each of their births that this was their match.

It had only been a month or so that they had been released from their relentless training to finally meet one another. Terrin had quite a high reputation for being cold, always composed, and deadly above all other things. There was a rumor going around at the training sanctuary that the seer foresaw him killing his future lover, thus being unable to have a mate. Meelah's friend said this was why he was so cold, so that he never was tempted to mate and kill his lover.

It had been fortold by the same seer that Meelah would heal a wounded solider. Terrin had hopes that she found this solider soon, because as soon as she did he would no longer be at risk of having her as a his lover, thus his eternal mate. She had lands to rule and children to bear in her future and he did not wish to end that future by any means.

Meelah was now fully clothed, and the pelts that had been draped over her cold body now served as her saddle on the enormous black and grey wolf. She held on tightly then signaled him to go by gently kicking his ribs. Everything started zooming by her as Terrin ran towards the snowy mountain very far in the distance.

She wished she could have eaten something before they had started their journey again. They had been ordered to go to Terrin's homeland together to begin their bond that legends told was stronger than a mother to a child. At this point the pair only felt animosity toward one another, while in the other's precense that is.

It was not uncommon for rider pairs to fall in love, especially with a pair such as theirs. But it was not recommended, because it complicated the bond that was supposed to not end, even after death.

It was because of the riders that half human breeds such as Terrin existed. From almost the beginning, the riders had been randomly selected and paired with an animal that was meant to bond with only that being. The riders had united tribes to later form empires and kingdoms, as well as provided a connection to the magic peoples, such as the seers and magicians, to those who lived without magic.

As of now the riders were used as the highest authority of law enforcement. Either that or trained assasains, champions, diplomats, and even guardians.

Terrin almost knocked Meelah off his back as he came so close to colliding with a tree. "Be careful!" she ordered.
Terrin, not impressed by her demanding tone, yeilded his run and stood up so that Meelah could easily slide off his back. He changed to his human form. She crossed her arms as she sat on the forest floor. "I am being careful you stuborn wench!"
Meelah, gasped appalled, she was certainly no wench. "Now-"
"Silence!" he yelled. Meelah shut her mouth. "Neither of us are used to this, I understand, but it is something we have to get through together, step by step." he bent down to look directly in her very dark green eyes, "understand?"
She turned her head away from him, and crossed her arms while observing a very boring tree. "You may not be used to having somebody ride you, but I am used to riding and being jerked around," she paused, "however," she now looked back to Terrin, "I am not used to being run into trees almost everytime what I am riding is being taken out for a ride!"
"I am sorry I am not a monotonous horse or any other beast that your untouched hips have riden!"

Meelah's eyes widened sizably, not believing what she had just heard. She felt defeated by his words. She breathed, trying to make words come out, but was unable to. She turned away from him completely this time, not even being able to stare at him from the corner of her eye.

Terrin gaped realizing what he had just blurted. He had not meant to say such a thing, but it had still escaped his mouth all the same. The sight of his feet became more comforting then the sight of her not looking at him. he had his doubts as to how this pairing was supposed to work well and be destined for great things. They had not trained him to deal with a sensitive woman.....

"I am sorry milady"
She remained silent, with her back to him.
"You should rest, it has been a long few days, and I am sure you are quite hungry too."

She turned to meet his gaze. He could see the hunger in her eyes, it was much like the hunger the female wolves had for him back home. All of them lusted for him and many tried to seduce him, but none could manage to hold out their sexual desires long enough to become his bride in a steady process. Once made love to one female of any breed or position, he would only ever be able to mate with her, and if she was a wolf as well, her to him. Terrin picked up one of the various packs he had slid off his back from the makeshift saddle.

Meelah reverted herself so that her whole body now faced him. He conjured a fire to prepare some meat that he had magically frozen after they had purchased it. The reason Terrin was royalty was because he could use magic. Meelah could as well, but Terrin's was far more developed. Their magically prepared meal was delicious, as all things were with magic. Meelah pulled the pelts over her as she leaned up against a tree to sleep once more, hopefully this time it would be longer than an hour. She saw Terrin watching over her as she slowly faded to sleep.

Around her it seemed to get warmer. Almost as though another pelt had been added to her pile. She heard a soft sigh in her ear and laughed as she pictured a scene out of her body where Terrin held her close and was nuzzled tightly against her. She blushed wishing it was real.

Terrin gripped Meelah a little tighter. He was glad to be so fast. He had done this when she was asleep several times, at first it was because she was shivering but then it became because he wanted to be there. He wanted her, but at the same time he did not want her blood on his hands, as the seer had fortold would be the fate of his lover.

ok what do you think?

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commentCommented on: Sun Jan 03, 2010 @ 08:14pm
Hehe it was a very good story ;D hehe can't wait to read more of it =D.

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