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Random, but thoughtful, Ideas
anything i just feel like writting
story time!!!
Feature of the Day:
(this is supposed to be kinda sarcastic)

The Dramas of a Housekeeper

Everything was going wrong, the sheets were the wrong size, the blanket had bleached spots, and the bed skirt was torn. On top of that she was out of windex! Nothing was going to work today. She looked over her shoulder to see the blinds suddenly break from the top and fall to the floor. She glared at the blinds now on the floor. "Do you hate me too? Or are you just mocking me?"
There was no help for it; this was a crappy place but it was her job to satisfy the quests with clean accomodations. She entered the bathroom for a change of scenery, and of course it was worse in the bathroom, hair appeared to be clogging the shower drain and there was supspicious hair all over the toilet seat, all of them black and very noticeble. Further more everywhere it smelled of rotten milk, which meant vomit.
"People are disgusting!" Benny said to herself, "I do not know how they can stand to live like this in their own putred filth. Then again because this is not their home they must feel the rright to be unkempt with their hair and garbage. absolutely pitiful."
She grimaced while she scrubbed the bath tub with an intense amount of elbow grease, and did the same with the toilet. Benny was lucky, in her opinion, to have such a high tolerance for this type of gross leavings.
After she was done with that room she moved onto the next which was worse. Beer had been spilled on the floor, empty squished cans cluttered the floor. Several pair of men's underwear were strewn over the sink shower curtain rod, and bed side tables. After stripping the beds of the disgusting linens she found willy covers and lubricant that she suppposed was for time went without the condoms. Despite her strong stomach she nearly barfed when finding a surprise for her in the toilet. It had been three men and one woman. She wondered who she should take revenge upon on their return.
In the trash can there were a series of pregancy tests that was the bulk of the garbage. When tying the bag she noticed more than one had the ominous plus sign on it. "Serves you right you dirty whore," she thought. But Benny thought about it more and considered perhaps all this mess was to get this result, but still, children were a big responsibility. "How unfortunate. Congrats though," Benny adressed the expecting mother who was not here.
After a long day of disguting hotel rooms Benny took a hot shower to wash away the smell of various cleaners and smells of the hotels rooms of the day. Luckily tomorrow she had the day off. She fell asleep next to her lover, smiling in anticipation for a day off.
That night, at around midnight, Benny was being hailed. On the other line her boss apologized about not having enough hands and that Benny would have to come into work tomorrow, take a rain check for her day off, or be reduced in pay for the month. She wanted a day off after three or so weeks without a day to relax, but she needed the money for the bills she had to pay so of course she promised she would be there when needed.
The next day her boyfriend dropped her off at work and frowned as she got out of the car. She went around to driver seat window. "What's wrong baby?"
"Then why are you frowning?"
He sighed, "Your job always tares us apart, babe we haven't had sex in three weeks I'm getting itchy and I cant take it any more. On your break can we-"
He was cut short by her glare of disatisfaction. "I'm your girlfriend not your sex slave. You'll just have to wait baby."
"But nothing! Look I got to go to work, see you at home."
"Benny if I don't get any in the next few days I'll go crazy!"
Benny sighed in frustration. "I'll se you later babe."
As he started the car he yelled out the window, "I love you too," sarcasticly of coarse.
After another gross day of what the white trash had left behind, Benny collapsed on her bed. Her boyfriend came in. "Look babe I'm sorry about what I said this morning."
"Its ok Tony, its what we do some mornings when things haven't gone well the morning before. I'm over it."
"Make up sex in the shower?"
"If I don't smell to bad you should just come get me on the bed!"
"Aww is my babe to tired to get up?"
"Yes, yes I am."
Tony pounced on Benny very quickly and started tickling her. The rest of the night was far more pleasureble then tickling though.

It was a relief when Benny came to work and discovered she had a launry day. "Ahh this should be bareable."
On the sheets there were blood stains, bleach stains, probably from preventing a future stain, foot prints, paw prints, oily stains. Only ten pairs, of 100 or more pairs, were completely stain free. She treated each little spot carefully with their special mix of stain remover all the other hotles were trying to duplicate; silly people.
While waiting for the loads she had started of sheets and towels Benny folded already clean linens and sewed bedskirts ans sheets back into the life.
During her stationing in the laundry room she was brought the odds and ends that needed cleaned every now and then such as soap scummed filled shower curtains, curtains, and the evil blinds.

to be continued because I am tired......

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