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    I'm Dephy.<br />
    I'm a horizon- chasing, adventure- crazy maniac who can't remember left from right sometimes. But hey, that's just me.<br />
    I'm going to level with you here- I'm neither skilled or sane enough to be able to put everything that I want to tell you down in this text column, but I'll try.
    <br />
    <br />
    I'm tall. (Yup, out of everything that I could have started with, this is it.) <br />
    I've been reminded everyday of my life of my "above average height." <br />
    And not always by people telling me- sometimes its the shower head because I tower over it
    (thank Martha Washington its detachable) or the fact that when I go shopping I have to buy 35 Longs which happens to be the LONGEST my favorite store sells. I seldom wear heels; I don't want to make any of you men out there feel emasculated. <br />
    I, Dephy,
    (or dinosaur for those of you who knew me in primary school) am one tall bitch. This, while being a permanent part of who I am, is a setback for me because I'm too tall to do what I've always wanted to: act<br />
    "Why, Dephy," you say in your overly enthusiastic voice, "you can still be an actress if you're tall!!!!" <br />
    Yes, but I don't want to be just an actress. I want to act professionally in musical theatre or Broadway. <br />
    Ethel Merman, Mary Martin, Gwen Verdon, Carol Channing- all legendary women who have graced the stage. My favorite current leading lady would be Sierra Boggess: 5'5 and 120 pounds of absolute beauty.<br />
    So what did the little voices in my head say to me? That I'll never reach my goals- my dreams. <br />
    I listened to them. I decided to forget about music and acting; two things that are as important to me as breathing. I left that behind and became a medical student. I'm going to say this as bluntly as possible:<br />
    <br />
    "Dephy!!!!!" You say in a shocked voice, "Hate is such a strong word!!!"<br />
    I'm terrible at math. I'm terrible at chemistry. I had no idea what in the hell anyone was talking about. What in the deepest depths of hell was I thinking when I chose my damned major?<br />
    This is what I was thinking: <br />
    I really want this.<br />
    No- you honestly don't.<br />
    I'll make loads of money as a cardiologist and save people!!!<br />
    IF you even make it to medical school- not to mention your newly acquired queasiness at the sight of blood.<br />
    UGH.<br />
    In the words of Albert Einstein
    “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”<br />
    I was the fish.<br />
    I started school off well. Studied hard and received good grades. I was making myself take interest in things like anatomy and forgetting my love for poetry. I would watch tapes of surgeries instead of my favorite performances. <br />
    I was forgetting who I am.
    <br />
    All of a sudden my grades started dropping and I started skipping class; didn't try at all. Out of the 17 credit hours I was taking that semester, I ended up finishing 3 of them- with a D. Yeah, what a waste of money and what effort I had at the beginning. <br />
    So I decided to take a semester off to collect my thoughts, reassess my priorities, and figure out what in the shit I want out of life. <br />
    But I already know what I want out of life. To perform. Its the one thing I think about every night before I go to sleep and the first thing that I think of when I wake up. Its my calling. I want to have enough money to take acting, singing, and dance lessons. I WANT ALL OF THESE THINGS but I have to put in the work for them.<br />
    I have never been the kind of person who takes
    "NO" for an answer and I'm sure as hell not going to listen to MY inner voice say that I can't do something that I've wanted since fucking birth. <br />
    So here I am in all my tallness and that's never going to change. I'm proud of my attention drawing height and my ability to get cans off of the top shelf.<br />
    Who says that female performers in musical theatre have to be a certain size? Who says I can't be who I want to be? Maybe one day you'll see me up on stage singing my heart and soul out; moving people.<br />
    I'm going to reach the heights of all I can be.
    <br />
    And that's pretty damned TALL.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    I hope that whoever is reading this is happy <3<br />
    I hope you follow and reach your dreams<br />
    But I hope you stumble a few times getting there<br />
    Because that's the only way you're going to cherish every second of success.
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