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    • Blank Faces (Prolouge) by Gabriels Wing
    • This is a story about a girl named Joni who can no longer stand having no controll over her life. Her power-hungry mother uses her as a tool to make herself look better; but tighten the reigns too tightly and they will surely...
    • Princess Just by Lord Burandon
    • This is the story I am writing. I have been working on it for a little bit. What I am going to show you is part of the first chapter. If I get a good feedback I could post more! Please critique if you want! Anything will help...
    • Kidnapped by pantherdor
    • This is a little story I am working on. Take a minute and think what if the past were to come to the present? People from a different era in time plopped in modern day Chicago, Il. Let me know whatcha think! (Name pronouncem...
    • My Life As A Teenage Vampire 1 by icefire26
    • Part 1! I started writing this Aug 20th 2005. As you all know, it is long past that date. Since Gaia has created a writing arena (thank you Gaia.) This story has a new life. Anyways I hope you enjoy!
    • Solemn Lies And A Mafia by Astomiko
    • This is short because it is the intorduction and it is a cliffhanger! YAY! Oh, please be kind, I am only 14 and a bad speller! If the story its self sucks, tell me! If it is good then tell me, too! It gets interesting later, ...
    • The Beginning by olivierasseb
    • Well this is a story I made up about a year ago. I have already submitted it on some other websites, but the username should be the same, unless stolen offcourse. It's one of my first stories I've come up with and where I stick...
    • Denomic Love by Vampyre Princess Kiri
    • Something I wrote one day when I was bored to tears, and I love to write romances. Written in first-person. This story is basically about a demon woman in love with a human man, whom is in love with him. Read it to f...
    • Journal by Kiki_016
    • This is the first part of my long story about a girl and a prince who fall madly in love. Then the girl finds out that she is the heir to a great warrior kingdom and must leave the prince. Both are distraught but know they must...
    • On A Beautiful Day by Pwale
    • Once upon a time it was a beautiful day on the gosh-darned prettiest island that you ever did see. Then something went BOOM. Read on, dear reader, to discover the stories of those you never imagined had stories to tell.
    • The tale of Kokure'gne by digiexpert
    • A backstory I made for an event character in an RP site I go to, it's a 10 chapter epic, ending just about right where the RP characters come it. WARNING: 10 chapters. LONG.
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