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    • Romeo and Cinderella [Ch 1] by ur weenis
    • Credit: Romeo and Juliet (William Shakespeare) Cinderella (Unknown) Have you ever heard of the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet? Have you read the happy endings of Cinderella? Have you ever fantasized them into a mixed story? Here'...
    • Demon by xUnknown_Malicex
    • The First chapter speaks of How Sion got to where he is. Sion is a singer and the heir to the Satus throne. But Eric hates that. Eric Is the Eldest son but his hatred drove everyone to choose Sion.
    • Seasons chapter 1 by Dark-Neko-K
    • This is a book i am writing and i would love for people to rate it! If you can please leave a comment and tall me what you think of it and if you would want to read more? :D thank you~
    • Leaving Hope Pt 1 by Fantastic Plague
    • You can also find this n my Deviant Art Havokkrueger After a man has literally been to hell and back trying to regain his wife, he not only loses her, but his mortality instead, and is forced to walk the earth suffering the sa...
    • The Harpy's Helot by Ruphus
    • I wanted to write a short companion piece to the avatar I had made, and found it turning in to a vignette of sorts. In explanation of the title, a Helot was a class of citizen in the Ancient Greek city of Sparta, Above a slave...
    • Ruka and the Worlds Eaters by MadamePockieh
    • This is the prolouge to a story my good friend Rose Bloodlust wrote that was called Raven and the World Eaters. She had planned to stop writing it and I asked for her permission to continue it for her. I know her from real life...
    • Monsters by Night Kunoichi
    • It's amazing how darkness tends to morph into nasty images. I got inspiration for this one night before I went to sleep. The corner at the foot of my bed is the darkest corner in my room and the way the light falls through th...
    • Kaira's Legacy(Prologue) by Nerai Kentouken
    • Enter Darra, an archeologist with a passion for discovering the tales of Kaira! This story is an introduction to a longer story detailing the adventures of Darra, his hired bodyguard Enrak, and his pilot Shen on their quest to ...
    • Kaira's Legacy(CH1) by Nerai Kentouken
    • Is it weird that I'm a guy writing in first person as a girl? Oh well, anyway.. the first chapter! Here we meet some interesting characters. A talking ship? No, this isn't a space version of night rider. Enjoy!
    • Escaping The Truth. by cheer_love_dance
    • A story I am posting. I will write the first chapter. In about a week or so --Maybe even tomorrow-- I willp post the second. third and so on. Please post constructive critism. Please also post good feedback. Thanks. Hugs and ...
    • The Wanderer (Chapter 1) by thedeegirl94
    • This is a story of a teenage girl who finds her "gift". This is a work of fantasy. If some passages are incorrect, please comment on how I can fix it. Comments are appreciated!
    • Poetry/Prose Story by thedeegirl94
    • As an assignment in my Creative Writing class, we had to blend poetry and prose (paragraphs) into a story. My friends loved it and I wanted to know what everyone else thought. Please comment!
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