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    • inspiration by Anna Godly
    • i wrote this about a year ago for my school newspaper, and submitted it under a pen name. i'm pretty gosh darn proud of it. n_n it didn't reflect my feelings at the time, but i did write it around 1 am, aaand i have been in a s...
    • a letter by Anna Godly
    • i'm pretty proud of this piece, too. i submitted it also under a pen name to my school newspaper, but they took in the other (inspiration) and not this one. i wrote it around the same time. again, no particular inspiration.
    • My story by Hemlock42
    • I have been writing this story off and on for a while the grammer is bad but the story is good
    • Friendship at it's Best by Hott Zelda
    • This story is about when your friendship with someone is at its strongest, when you don't want to let go of a friend even when you can't see them often, or you don't talk anymore...these events have happened to me, and I only s...
    • You by Xxx__Mitzu__xxX
    • Hey everyone...here i wrote something that happened to me when my boyffriend loved someone else and that wasn't me...he also used me to get to her.While i was angry with him i wrote down how i felt..enjoy
    • LMAO. <3. by Grace Stole Your Face
    • This was like, REALLY random. Not even CLOSE to what I usually write like. But I got bored, and this is what I came up with. Going by the comments I got on it, it was really funny. xD I hope you like it... KTHNXBYE. <3.
    • Real Talk by Prophet Kross
    • I had alot on my mind and i wrote this, was thinkin about writing a book, but im still working. Well without further wait. Here it is. Let me know what you think.
    • Ever had One of THOSE Dreams? by angel41791
    • Have you ever had one of those dreams? The ones that were nightmares, but when you woke up all you had to do was laught at them? I've had three. For kicks, giggles, and those who want a light-hearted story in this bleak, bleak ...
    • control time by SoraHashiba11
    • i was feeling a lil bad about things that had happend in my life, but then i thougt, if it didnt for those stuff i were a completly different person ^-^
    • Capital Crime by xEmiix The NightStalker
    • "Capital punishment has been commonly known as the ‘Death Penalty,’ or ‘Death Row,’ which is too extreme to be in our legal system as a means of ‘justice’. " I did this as a persuasive essay for my History class an...
    • The Black Book by Nemisku
    • The only way you can get what this story is about is by reading it, it is not long and please read it before you rate, and if you could please kindly leave a comment, just so i know some people have read this
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