• The dimly lit passageway cast shadows that danced across the musty old decrepit walls. Mia Chambers clambered toward her destination. She had often wandered through this tunnel of darkness to see her childhood friend. She hated to be bearer of bad news, but she couldn’t stray from the truth; she was getting married. Although she didn’t want to, she had no choice. She didn’t even know who she was going to marry.
    Thoughts wandered to when they first met.
    She stumbled on the passageway by accident; behind the painting of the original Mona Lisa. She remembered the passageways to be larger and had a hint of mystery behind every crack and crevice. Fumbling over the rocks through the long tunnel, she came to a door. The door was exquisite. Snakes made a boarder around the door and the handle was made to look like a snakes head with it’s mouth that hung wide open. Long narrow fangs pointed downward and the eyes were slanted. Carefully she placed her hand on the handle and pushed the door open
    Amazed at what she saw she stepped in for a closer look. Burgundy took over the color of the room with hints of black. The desk at the far end of the room was a dark brown that gleamed in the light. Candles illuminated the room and shadows of books cast on the far side of the wall. There really wasn't any decoration but one painting. She had never seen anything like it before. There was a field of lush green. Yellow, purple, blue, and red peeked through the green. Blue peeked through the thick fluffy clouds and there stood in the beauty of it all; a woman. Her golden hair swayed in the unknown breeze and the light blue skirts clung suggestively to her legs. As if in a trance the went over to touch it to see if it was real. Her fingertips lightly touched the face of the painting when she heard a soft snore on the other side of the room.
    Quickly turning around she placed a shaky hand over her heart to try and stop the pounding. Her eyes narrowed at the figure on the couch. A boy no more than a couple years her senior was fast asleep on the black leather couch. He had pale skin and pitch black hair that surrounded his face. Mia quietly walked over to the sleeping boy to take a closer look. Placing her shaky hand in his silky hair she gently moved away the askew strands of black. He looked like nothing she had ever seen before. Pain and suffering all these years. Was he alone? How did he manage to get here? Who was he? Where did he come from? The questions filled her head making the wheels in her head spin even harder.
    Without hesitation the boy leaped on to the other side of the couch. His eyes were a deep blue the color of the ocean with a little green surrounding his pupil as his eyes widened with fear. His shock subsided and asked, "Who are you?"