• A strange group had been idling at a ruined temple near the Nile at twilight. They had been there for sometime seeming to whisper at the old broken down statues who inhabited the once sacred site. A tall man with vivid blue long hair and skin that seemed to glow looked restless. He paced behind a woman with black short wavy hair and a pale pretty face. She had cheek and hand resting on one of the great sitting statues that guarded the entrance.

    “I do not think we will find what we seek here,” the blue haired man named Tiber announced, eyeing the statues with weariness, “we should move on.”

    The group slowly made their way toward the avenue of the sphinxes in preparation to leave. Only the woman whose hand was still on the statue had not moved, her eyes were closed and she was whispering energetically to it.

    Tiber shouted irritably “Lyciea, it is time to move on,” but the giant statue began to stir making him jump back. As it stood up, the rock casing cracked and debris began to fall; scattering the group, and forcing them to find shelter.

    Lyciea had run behind an identical large statue. “I heard that he was larger then life ... but this is ridiculous,” a harsh voice whispered into Lycieas’ ear. She peered around to where the statue had once sat and saw a giant, but very fleshy outline of Pharaoh Ramses ‘The Great’.
    “I wasn’t expecting the bigger statue to come to life” Lyciea said fervently turning to Tiber. “But there is so many statues representing him, we couldn’t be sure.”

    When the sound of stone crashing to the floor had ceased Lyciea edged out of her hiding place, and gasped. The giant had gone, replaced by a man who was just over five and a half feet, wandering through the rubble with a slight smile on his face. Lyciea rushed towards him and quickly fell to her knees and addressed the Pharaoh in broken Ancient Egyptian.

    “Oh King of Upper and Lower Egypt, we have awoken you from your slumber...”

    The lightest touch of his hand on her shoulder stopped her from speaking.

    “Hush, you have not only awoken me.”

    A fierce wind began to blow, and sand from the desert seemed to be channelling itself through the entrance of the temple where it met a pale but intense light. Both seemed to dance together in a complex rhythm. Twisting and turning amongst each other, but never touching. The swirls of light and sand manoeuvred together with more urgency upwards and above the temple. Then they stopped and stood still as if considering each other. And with another rush of wind they collided with such force that the sound reverberated around temple. The giant rocks shook and all but the Pharaoh were forced to the ground.

    “The Opet is complete. Amun and Mut are once again reunited.”

    Lyciea slowly closed her gaping mouth, and Rameses bent over allowing his hand to twist with hers as he helped her up. “Dear, beautiful woman who aroused me from my slumber, please come accept my hospitality. We can celebrate this reunion, and discuss why you have awoken me after what seems such a long time.” He looked over the ruins with a small sad smile and then turned to the group who was sidling slowly back into avenue of the sphinxes. “You are all welcome, come feast – we have much to discuss.”

    He beckoned Lyciea to walk with him and they entered the temple.