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    This is for later chapters, so pay attention now k?

    Kinsei Venus (This is how the name for the planet Venus is pronounced in Japanese, it is in refence of the goddess)

    Kasei Mars (Hi can be read as ka, meaning fire. The word kasei refers to the planet Mars)

    Mokusei Jupiter (Ki can also be read as moku, meaning wood. The word mokusei refers to the planet Jupiter)

    Suisei Mercury (Mizu can also be read as sui, meaning water. The word suisei refers to the planet Mercury)

    When I refer to the planet princesses, I call them by these names. I like them better than Mercury or Jupiter, as I feel it gives more personalitly to the characters.

    Moonlight Dreams

    Chapter Two

    When Mamoru came to, he found that he was laying in someone's bed. It wouldn't have been all that bad had he remembered how he got there, but he didn't; so it made the problem even worse. Looking around, he noticed that the room was very pink and white, with bunnies everywhere. Bunnies on the table that sat in the middle of the room, bunnies sitting on the desk in the corner, there were bunny curtains and a bunny bedspread. Mamoru was pretty sure he was about to throw up bunnies. He could feel the breeze coming through the big bay window that sat off to his right, and somehow that calmed him a little. But he still wanted to know where he was.

    Turning his head, his dark eyes landed on the table beside him and the black cat that sat there, staring at him. Her cinnamon colored eyes were huge, the crescent moon on her forehead glowing softly. Mamoru was pretty sure he was losing his mind. He went to sit up, and as he did he got a huge pain in the left side of his head, as if it were about to explode. Groaning, he laid back down and lifted his hand to his head. Feeling a bandage wrapped around his head, he suddenly knew why his head felt as if it had been hit repeatly with a hammer. Bringing his hand back down, he saw that blood covered his fingers.

    Looking again to the cat that sat beside him, he said, "Well, kitty-cat. I don't know where I am or how I got here, but I'm pretty sure I'm dead. My head feels like its been hit again and again with a hammer." He lifted his hand that wasn't covered in blood to pet the cat, however his hand stilled when she spoke to him.

    "Of course you don't know where you are," she said, her voice almost laughing. She jumped from the table to the bed, her cinnamon eyes coming to rest on his blue ones. He sudden felt very small, her gaze so impatient. "This is Usagi-chan's room. We had Jupiter bring you here after the battle. How come you didn't tell us sooner that you were Tuxedo Kamen?"

    Tuxedo Kamen? Who was that? Mamoru thought to himself, his eyes never leaving the cats. "Uh... Because I didn't know?" he answered. "More importantly... How can you talk?"

    "That's not important. My name is Luna, by the way."

    "Okay, Luna... Where's Usagi?"

    "Oh' she's at Rei's house," Luna said. "Now lay down and get some sleep. You need your rest, Mamoru."

    Okay, the cat can talk and she knows my name, he thought just before he closed his eyes. "Yeah, that...sounds...good..."

    He could smell the sweet smell of roses in full bloom, and upon looking up he saw the Earth hanging in the night sky, like a big blue marble. He didn't know where he was, but then again he did. Looking down at himself, he saw that his clothes were different. He wore a black shirt and black pants, a black cape lined red was behind him. Tied to his waist was a sword, the hilt covered in emeralds and rubies.

    "Prince Endymion!"

    He turned around and his heart stopped. He never in his life seen anything more beautiful than the creature running towards him now. She was the color of innocence, her gown white and sleeveless with gold circlets going around the bodice; her hair long and white the pigtails flying behind her as she ran up to him. Big cerulean eyes stared up at him, wonder and hope shinning through. The crescent moon that sat on her forehead glowed a soft yellow.

    She embraced him in a deep hug, her slender arms never reaching all the way around. "I knew you'd come. Kinsei said you recieved my letter, but wasn't quite sure if you'd be able to make it or not. How come you didn't write back to me, Endy?" she asked, her voice small and sounding like bells.

    He smiled down at her, his heart filling with love. "I thought it would be better to see me, rather than getting some letter. Would you rather I not come?" he teased her.

    She pouted for a minute. "No, I would rather have you here with me, safe and sound. Besides I have missed you, such as was the reason for my writing," she replied.

    "And such as my reason for not writing. Besides pen and paper could never discribe how I feel for you. I love you, my darling princess," he said just as he leaned down and kissed her. He pulled her closer to him, his embrace tighting as the kiss changed angles. He could taste the strawberries she'd eaten earlier, sweet and enchanting.

    She moaned into the kiss, her arms coming up to wrap around his neck, gripping his ebony hair. She felt safe and cared for in his arms, and didn't want to leave; however knowing she couldn't stay there forever. Pulling back from the kiss, she stared up into his cobalt eyes. "I have missed you as well, my darling prince," she said just before she disappeared and his body went cold.

    He sat up in bed, his eyes searching for something that wasn't there. He knew he'd seen the princess before, he felt as if he'd known her for all of his life; but how was that possible? She was just a dream, one he'd been having since he was six years old. Glancing around, his eyes landed on Usagi, a wet rag in her hand. He was still in her room, in her bed.

    "Sorry for waking you, I was just getting this," she raised the rag in her hand up "wet. I changed your bandage, and the cut needed to be cleaned. How do you feel? Luna said you woke earlier when I was at Rei's house."

    "How'd I get here? What am I doing here?" he asked as he watched her stand up and go to the little table in the middle of the room. She leaned over a picked up a little tray which had something that looked like food on it. "I think I hit my head too hard, really I do because cats can't talk."

    "You really don't remember?" Usagi asked as she sat back down, the little tray resting on the table.

    He shook his head and felt as if he was going to pass out. Note to self, don't move head. Laying back down, he stared up at the six different Usagi's as they stirred the food on the plate in front of them.

    "Are you hungry? Makoto made you some curry, and I made you a special cup of my mom's green tea. It always made me feel better when I wasn't feeling good," she said. She handed him a cup with a little bunny on the side, the green liquid moving around inside. He smelled the intoxicating warmth before taking a sip and closing his eyes.

    "Thank you... Sailor Moon," Mamoru said as he lifted the cup from his lips and looked at her. Her head had been down, but when he'd had said 'Sailor Moon' she lifted it up. Her blue eyes were wide with shock and surprise, but it faded almost as soon as it appeared.

    "So you know," was her only reply. "Is that all you remember?"

    He laid down the cup, and taking her chin in his hands made her face move towards him, so he could see her. "All I remember is seeing that...creature thingy, for lack of a better word, attack that girl right before the five of you transformed. I saw it attack you, but after that it's all a blur. The next thing I know I'm waking up here and having black cats talk to me," he said. He reached over and lifted the plate of curry off the tray before taking a bite.

    "That's it? You don't remember the battle or getting hit in the head?"

    "Nope," he said taking a big bite of curry. "Mmmm... Tell Makoto this is wonderful, she's a great cook."

    Usagi nodded her head and was about to speak when there was a knock on her bedroom door. Her head move swiftly back and forth, before coming to a stop on Mamoru's still face. She raised one finger to her lips, telling him to be quite before she called out "Yes?"

    "Usagi? Telephone, it's Ami-chan," her mother's voice rang out through the wall.

    "I'll be right there, Mama," Usagi called back, then she looked at Mamoru. "I need you to stay here, and be quite. My parents don't know that you're here and I don't want to know what they'd do if they found out. I'll be right back, okay? Luna watch him for me." She was out the door before he could say anything.

    Not knowing what else to do, he continued to eat his food. Looking over to Luna, he smiled at the cat and said in between taking bites of curry, "So, I guess it's just you and me, huh Luna?"

    "You really don't remember, do you?" Luna asked him, her scarlet eyes staring up at him. "You really don't remember transforming and becoming Tuxedo Kamen?"

    "Nope. Like I told Usagi, all I remember is seeing them transform and Sailor Moon getting hit, after that it's all a blur to me," he said taking another bite of curry. "Can you tell me what I should remember?"

    She sighed, her little head dropping down a bit. "You are Tuxedo Kamen. I should have known, all of the signs were pointing to it; but I wasn't paying attention and now it's too late," she replied. "Sailor Moon...eh... Usagi got hit by the monster that was battling them. All the other girls were already down, and we weren't paying much attention to you. Hell, I didn't even know you were there at first. It was Artemis who noticed your transformation, all the colors flashing bright; but it was the roses flying from out of nowhere that really got our attention. You saved Usagi, her cut was only minor and didn't need a lot of attention. But the result was you getting hit, knocking you out and making you unmorph. Sailor Moon defeated the monster, and after she did she ran over to where you were laying unconscious on the ground. Jupiter carried you to the Tsukino's, brought you though the window and laid you on Usagi's bed. That was Saturday," she finished. She got up from the end of the bed where she'd been sitting and walked to the top, her ruby eyes never leaving his.

    "And today is?" he questioned.

    "Wednesday," she replied. "You've been out for four days."